Many of you may have heard about this orally active steroid taking into consideration that it is such a popular and effective compound when talking about growing muscles and gaining strength. Oxymetholone is the active substance sold as brand name Anadrol 50, but you may find it as numerous other brands.

Anadrol 50 known as A50; Abombs; Adrol or many other brands is offering huge benefits for physique and performance enhancement. However, users should know that Anadrol might be dangerous if not used properly.

What is Anadrol – Oxymetholone?

Anadrol is the most famous brand of Oxymetholone and is an orally active anabolic and androgenic steroid that is very powerful. Oxymetholone has an anabolic to androgenic ratio of 320 : 45 and it cannot aromatize into estrogen because it is Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derived.


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However, unlike other DHT derived steroids like Stanozolol, Oxandrolone, Methenolone, and others – Anadrol is not good for cutting. That’s because although it doesn’t increase estrogen, it works on estrogen receptors hence offering estrogen related effects.

The compound is highly anabolic and due to its chemical structure, it helps users gain muscle mass and strength in no time. But on the other hand, Anadrol can be dangerous if not used properly.

Benefits of Oxymetholone (Anadrol)

Anadrol offers numerous benefits. Some of the most prominent ones include:

  • Increases 20-30 lbs of lean muscle mass in only 4-6 weeks
  • Causes fluid retention inside the muscles. Therefore, it greatly increases strength levels.
  • Huge spike in testosterone levels aiding muscle growth, strength, and recovery
  • Reduces joint pains
  • Stacks very well with other bulking products like Testosterone, Deca, Trenbolone, etc.


Negatives of Oxymetholone (Anadrol)

Lots of people also get side effects from this compound. Being so powerful, it is quite obvious that abusing it would lead to nasty effects. All anabolic steroids offer side effects. Prime examples of Anadrol side effects:

  • Liver stress. One of the harshest steroids for the liver.
  • Water retention is a big problem too. Makes you look smooth and puffy. AIs are ineffective since it doesn’t do it through aromatization.
  • Gynecomastia risk. Because it upregulates estrogen receptors, gyno can appear.
  • Testosterone suppression can be problematic too. While using Anadrol that’s not a problem, but as soon as you stop it, your levels of testosterone can crush pretty bad. That’s why PCT is important!
  • Hypertension is another possible side effect of Anadrol. Better regularly check if you’re not suffering from high blood pressure while on it.

Oxymetholone – Anadrol Dosage

If you’re going to use too much Anadrol that’s going to lead to nasty negative side effects.

If you’re going to use too little of Anadrol that’s going to lead to fewer gains.

To find the “perfect dosage” better start slowly and then gradually increase. Usually, dosages range between 25 mg a day up to 100 mg a day of Anadrol. 50 mg daily is the sweet spot. Usually, 25 mg daily is for inexperienced users but 100 mg a day for experienced bodybuilders looking for serious muscle build.

Oxymetholone comes as tablets. Although there is an injectable version, it is very unpopular due to a variety of reasons. Examples: no advantages over pills; same half life and liver toxicity; painful pins that should be done at least once daily (or twice); lower availability as well as a higher risk of getting bunk or improper doses.


Anadrol Cycle

You may be wondering what an Anadrol cycle looks like.

Anadrol cycle for beginner users:

Testosterone Enanthate 500 mg weekly for 10 weeks with Anadrol from week 4 up to week 7 (4 weeks in total) 25 mg a day.

Anadrol cycle for intermediate users:

Testosterone Enanthate 750 mg weekly for 12 weeks. First 6 weeks Anadrol 50 mg a day. Deca can be added too, at about 500 mg weekly for 12 weeks.

Anadrol cycle for professional users:

Testosterone Cypionate 1000 mg weekly for 14 weeks. First 4 weeks Anadrol 100 mg a day followed by 4 more weeks Dianabol 100 mg a day. Trenbolone Enanthate 600 mg weekly for 12 weeks.

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Nandrolone Phenylpropionate – NPP

Nandrolone Phenylpropionate (or as is called shortly – NPP by most people) is the less popular version of Nandrolone. In fact, this is the first version of Nandrolone that appeared under the brand name Durabolin. But then later, when the Decanoate ester appeared for Nandrolone, it soon became more popular.

Is important to understand what are the differences between Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate) and Durabolin (Nandrolone Phenylpropionate) or Deca vs NPP. Taking into consideration that most people are more familiar with Deca and may confuse it with NPP.

Nandrolone-Phenylpropionate-NPP-muscles Deca vs NPP

So well, to explain it easier – the only difference is actually in the ester attached to Nandrolone.

The main active substance Nandrolone remains the same for both compounds.

deca-durabolin-200-nandrolone-odin-pharma nandrolone-npp-odin-pharma

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  • Deca is what most people shortly call Deca Durabolin with the active substance Nandrolone Decanoate.
  • NPP is what most people shortly call Durabolin with the active substance Nandrolone Phenylpropionate.

So, in the end, as you can see, the only difference is in “Decanoate vs Phenylpropionate”. Deca is a longer version of Nandrolone while NPP is a shorter one. This means that when using Deca you get the same substance, but it is flushed out of your system slower. When using NPP, the substance is flushed faster.

That’s why NPP must be used more often and due to more injection frequency, most people use Deca Durabolin. That’s how it ended up more popular. Deca should be used only once or twice weekly. But NPP should be used every other day, or at least every 3 days. Yet, Deca can safely go once weekly, but NPP is safely used EOD.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The disadvantage of NPP compared to Deca is the fact that it should be used more often. That’s a bit problematic for many people.

Other people also suggest that NPP injections may be slightly more painful than those with Deca (due to shorter esters).

But as long as that’s not a big problem for you – you can take a look at the advantages of Nandrolone Phenylpropionate (Durabolin):


Deca takes about 6 weeks to clear out of the system, but NPP only 2-3 weeks. That’s great because the sooner a compound gets out of the system – the faster the body starts to recover. In addition to that, Deca is detectable for up to 18 months! NPP is detected for a way shorter period.

Other than that, you can more easily control side effects. That’s because in case something goes wrong, you can reduce or discontinue the dosage. This way, the side effects are disappearing faster.

Lastly – you get faster results from NPP than with Deca because the compound kicks in the system faster!

Other than that – you get the same Nandrolone and therefore the same results. It means the same benefits and same side effects.

What is Nandrolone?

Nandrolone is an injectable anabolic and androgenic steroid that is very effective for physique and performance enhancement purposes. The steroid is great to deal with anemia issues so is still used in medical settings. Not only for anemia but various other health issues too.

The steroid does an amazing job in increasing red blood cell count and offering anabolism. The muscles of the user are growing much faster and efficiently. Plus, recovery gets to the next level. It has amazing nitrogen retention and protein synthesis properties.

Nandrolone has high anabolic versus low androgenic activity with moderate aromatization.

It leads to amazing muscle mass growth and strength increase with little estrogen increase. Is also the best steroid for joints and bone health out there.


Nandrolone Side Effects

NPP offers the same side effects as Deca Durabolin. Side effects of Nandrolone are known to be well tolerated when the product is used correctly. Some examples of adverse effects include:

  • Androgenic and estrogenic related issues (milder than those of testosterone)
  • Cholesterol and cardiovascular issues
  • Natural testosterone inhibition

NPP Dosage

Nandrolone Phenylpropionate is not recommended to be used alone. It makes a great stack with Testosterone. NPP cycle length is usually under 10 weeks. People looking for longer cycles usually go for Deca.

Because NPP has a short ester, Testosterone ester is also usually short. Nonetheless, it can be longer – it depends on your preference.

NPP + Test Propionate cycle is commonly run both at 300 mg per week for 10 weeks. Because they both enter the system really fast, no need to add an oral steroid.

But some people may adjust the cycle according to their needs. For example:

500-600 mg Test Enanthate 12 weeks with 400 NPP for the first 10 weeks.

Nandrolone can stack very well with almost any given steroid. Is often used in bulking cycles (and with bulking steroids) but can be great for cutting too.


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Nandrolone Phenylpropionate (NPP) – Durabolin is an amazing steroid that may not be as popular as Deca Durabolin, but it surely has its advantages.

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Halotestin – Fluoxymesterone

Halotestin is perhaps the most powerful oral steroid that you will ever be able to find on the market. Yet, it may not be so popular as other steroids. That’s because this compound is unique and should be used carefully and for specific purposes. Being so powerful means that it is more dangerous than other steroids too.

That’s why, if you do plan to use Halotestin – we recommend you to have some experience with other steroids first.

The active substance is Fluoxymesterone while Halotestin is the oldest and most popular brand. The compound was developed many years ago for treating testosterone deficiencies and delayed puberty in boys.

Halotestin in Bodybuilding

As much as you can guess, Halotestin (or shortly Halo) is not used for treating testosterone deficiency only. A lot of athletes and bodybuilders are using this orally active steroid for physique and performance enhancement purposes. This compound is capable of completely transforming the physique of the user and helps you achieve an IFBB pro look.

Fluoxymesterone has been proven very effective at treating patients suffering from muscle atrophy, bone fractures, malnourishment, etc. Therefore, bodybuilders and athletes realized it could be very helpful for their needs either.

Those people who use Halotestin are not going to grow muscles as much as they would on other bulking compounds. However, you’re still going to become bigger. Yet, the true wonder of Halo is the fact that you get super dry muscles and you’re becoming way more powerful.


Halo helps you gain some very dry muscles, offering an overall hard physique appearance with an extreme strength boost. Individuals report great effects with impressive physique changes after a short period of running Halotestin.

This is an orally active anabolic steroid that is offering amazing results in terms of muscle strength, power, and size.

Halotestin (Fluoxymesterone) is also helpful at losing body fat while adding muscles. The compound is mostly used for cutting purposes but is sometimes used for bulking. Although, as mentioned, you won’t add as many muscles as you would on aromatized bulking steroids.

Halotestin Dosage


Halotestin dosage for men is anywhere between 10 mg and 40 mg a day. Never get over 40 mg a day as you’re likely to go into an abusive area. Is recommended to start at 10 mg a day and most people stop at 20 mg or 30 mg daily.

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Halotestin for women is not recommended at all! Very high chances of nasty virilizing side effects.

Halotestin is used with a testosterone base compound in most cases. It also can be used with cutting compounds too. We do not recommend using oral steroids with Halo due to liver toxicity and no powerful compounds like Trenbolone to stay away from side effects.

Halotestin Cycle

Again, remember that Fluoxymesterone is a compound mostly used for cutting needs to burn fat. So is mostly used pre contest. But is also used by powerlifters and strongmen to get their strength levels enhanced.

Most cycles with Halotestin stop at 4 weeks. Never go over the 6 weeks mark.

Halotestin should be used on a daily basis (twice per day, like in the AM and in the PM, due to short half life).

A beginner Halotestin cycle would run 10-20 mg a day for 4 weeks.

An intermediate Halotestin cycle would be 20-30 mg a day for 4-6 weeks.

Professionals adjust their dosage according to their experience and needs.


Halotestin (Fluoxymesterone) Side Effects

Because this is one of the most powerful steroids you can ever find on the market – is also one of the nastiest in terms of side effects.

Because the side effects are too bad for some people, many may discontinue its use completely.

In the end, to avoid side effects, start slowly and never increase the dosage if you are not sure you can tolerate it. Add liver protection and always run a PCT plan after the Halotestin cycle.

There are lots of different side effects but those we recommend you to watch even more closely are:

  • Liver Toxicity
  • Nausea
  • Reduced libido
  • Androgen related issues
  • Testosterone suppression

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Anabolic Steroids Side Effects

Anabolic Steroids are synthetic (laboratory made) hormones that are meant to mimic the naturally occurring male sex hormone called testosterone. Is important to remember not to confuse anabolic steroids with corticosteroids. That’s because although they are both synthetic hormones – they are very different. Corticosteroids are binding to glucocorticoid receptors while anabolic steroids are binding to androgen receptors. This is leading to completely different results both as benefits and side effects.

Anabolic steroids are used in medical settings as well as medical circles because they are offering various positive effects when used correctly. The reason why anabolic steroids (full name – Anabolic and Androgenic Steroids) are used by bodybuilders and athletes is that they are proven to be very effective in growing muscles.

Anabolic means they are promoting anabolism (growth of muscles and tissues). They are also androgenic meaning they boost the male sex characteristics (such as the growth of hair on the face and body, deepening of voice, and others).

With this being said, anabolic steroids are used for promoting muscle growth in patients suffering from muscle wasting diseases. There are numerous other uses of steroids either.

  • Nonetheless, in an attempt to grow more muscles and grow them faster, a lot of athletes are attempting higher doses and that’s leading to negative side effects.


Explaining Anabolic Steroids Side Effects

Anabolic steroids side effects is a popular topic because these compounds mimicking your hormones are likely to offer them. That’s taking into consideration that administering too many steroids and/or for too long periods leads to too many hormones in the body. Therefore, the body can’t handle them.

In order to avoid anabolic steroids, side effects are highly recommended to avoid high dosages or prolonged administration.

Is also important to remember that there are numerous different anabolic steroids offering different results and different side effects. In addition to that, everyone is different. That’s why everyone’s response to each steroid and their doses might be different.

With all of this being said, a steroid that works well for a person may not work so well for another. Plus to that, a specific dosage of a specific steroid may be good enough for a person, but it may not be good enough for another.


How to Avoid Anabolic Steroids Side Effects

The good news is that there are various methods a person can follow to avoid the side effects of anabolic steroids. If they were prescribed to you by a doctor for a health condition – we urge you to follow your doctor’s instructions closely.

Nonetheless, if you use steroids for gaining muscle size, improve body image and boost performance, you should follow some methods.


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Start slowly and never increase if you can’t tolerate it. This means that you should start with a mild steroid like Testosterone in a mild dosage and shorter cycle length. Add another steroid only after noticing that you tolerate Testosterone well enough. Increase dosage only if you tolerate a milder dosage first. Never up too much. Do not start with too high doses. Never add more than one steroid at a time when going for a stack.


Use ancillaries. There are various compounds meant to lower the side effects of anabolic steroids. Aromatase Inhibitors, Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators, and various others are only some examples. You may also need liver protection especially if you go for oral steroids because most of them are liver toxic. Each steroid has its own ancillary compound. Each person has their own ancillary compound too.


Never go for someone else’s cycle. What works for one might not work for another. Start your own journey, experiment, and do it all wisely. Read as much as possible about an anabolic steroid before running it. Check the steroid’s side effects, ancillary helpful compounds, etc.


Make sure you do not suffer from pre-existing health conditions. Some people are hypersensitive or allergic to anabolic steroids (rarely). But the only way to find it out is to use them yourself. But there are some health conditions that simply shouldn’t be combined with steroids (like high blood pressure, heart issues, liver issues, and others) because steroids may aggravate them.

Examples of Anabolic Steroids Side Effects

Steroids side effects are very wide. It depends on various factors as much as you can notice. That’s why a person may not get side effects, others may get really bad ones. In the end, the side effects are categorized into main issues like:

  • Cardiovascular side effects (like high blood pressure)
  • Cholesterol side effects (affecting cholesterol in a negative way).
  • Androgenic side effects (like acne)
  • Estrogenic side effects (like gynecomastia)
  • Testosterone suppression for men (like shrinking testicles)
  • Virilizing side effects (like growing hair on face and body)

There are numerous side effects mainly being categorized in the earlier mentioned categories.

Anabolic steroids side effects are controllable as long as they are used properly.


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Anyone who is thinking about steroids use is extremely important to know that there are many different things that you should first learn about these chemicals. Steroids – is a word that has various meanings.

Steroids are chemicals, most commonly hormones, which are naturally produced by the body in normal circumstances but steroids are made in laboratories. There are 2 main types of steroids:

  1. Corticosteroids
  2. Anabolic and Androgenic Steroids (AAS) known as anabolics or anabolic steroids (including juice, gears, roids etc.)


Corticosteroids are medicines that fight inflammation in the body and that’s why they are often given to inflammation related issues such as eczema, asthma, arthritis, etc.

These are also steroids made artificially in laboratories working like the hormone cortisol. This is a hormone that keeps the immune system stop producing substances causing inflammation.

Corticosteroids are only given for medical purposes, as they are not used for any other reason.

Anabolic – Androgenic Steroids

Androgenic and Anabolic Steroids are also synthetic (laboratory made) hormones. But they are working on androgen receptors and they are anabolic and androgenic.

Anabolic means they are responsible for muscle growth and androgenic means they are responsible for male sex characteristics. Steroid means a synthetic hormone.

  • Therefore, anabolic steroids are helping to grow and repair the muscle tissue and they are imitating the male sex hormone testosterone.

Anabolic steroids are used for various different health conditions under the supervision of a doctor. They are legally prescribed to patients suffering from a variety of conditions such as delayed puberty in males, low testosterone condition, loss of muscles caused by a disease, wasting disease, as well as many other purposes.


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Very often, anabolic steroids, as much as you might already know, are used for the purpose of physique and performance enhancement and people do have high success for such purposes. But it is not uncommon for abuse in an attempt to reach more muscle mass growth. That’s leading to side effects. We highly recommend you to be very careful and learn as much as possible about steroids if you do plan to run them.

They can be great for increasing lean muscle mass, reducing fat as well as speed up recovery including many other benefits.


But they are also capable of offering negative side effects such as liver toxicity, cholesterol issues, blood pressure issues, and many others.

Be careful whenever you use steroids, regardless if we talk about steroids coming as tablets, capsules or injectable liquid steroids.

Who Uses Anabolic Steroids?

As mentioned, legally, anabolic steroids are used by people who have written a prescription for them, and usually, a doctor writes a prescription in case the individual suffers from a health condition. Nonetheless, it is very common when people are running steroids for non-medical purposes.

Is common for men in their 30s to use steroids, but they are also often used by women and people in their 20s too. We recommend people in their 20s and women to be especially careful with steroids as they are most susceptible to getting side effects.

We highly recommend against people under 21 years old using steroids for the purpose of growing muscle mass.

Most commonly, anabolic steroids are used by athletes and bodybuilders as well as people who work in industries where strength is important such as policemen, security workers, etc. Often is used by those who simply want to get a better body image too.

How Do Steroids Work?

Steroids are increasing the levels of hormones in the body. They have a very similar chemical composition to testosterone and are activating the androgen receptors. When those receptors are stimulated, various processes start in the body such as:

  • Anabolic – improving muscle mass growth, bone density, speed up recovery, reduce body fat, etc.
  • Androgenic – develops male sex characteristics (the process of masculinization).


How Steroids Affect Your Body?

Because of various processes in the body being boosted and inhibited the user receives many different results. Examples – inhibition of cortisol. Whereas you get boosted protein synthesis and nitrogen retention. Including many other processes.

It ends in positive results such as the growth of muscles, decreased body fat, increased muscular strength, endurance, and power. Including many others.

But it also may end in negative results such as water retention, mental related issues such as depression and anxiety, liver toxicity, shrinkage of testicles, hormonal imbalance. Including many others.


There are many different anabolic steroids. We highly recommend reading about each one of them before actually running any of it. Also, anabolic steroids are very often used alongside many other compounds for various purposes:

Anabolic steroids are often used with some of those compounds to either boost the efficacy or decrease the side effects of steroids. You can buy anything you need directly from Regardless if we talk about steroids or their ancillaries.

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Human Growth Hormone

Somatropin HGH For Sale

Somatropin also known as Human Growth Hormone (as well as Somatotropin, HGH, Growth Hormone, GH, recombinant Human Growth Hormone, rHGH and others) is an extremely popular compound. That’s because it is very effective and safe for most users.

Somatropin HGH is widely used in medical settings. It is also given for anti aging purposes off label. Plus it is nowadays one of the most popular compounds for physique and performance enhancement.

  • That’s due to its high safety profile, hard-to-detect on anti doping tests as well as its ability to positively alter the genetic limits of the user in terms of growing muscles.


Buy HGH For Sale

With all of this being said, a lot of people search for Somatropin HGH for sale. That’s especially because Somatropin (HGH) is actually a very expensive product. It is much more expensive compared to many other medicines and steroids that a person may use. Therefore, is no wonder that a person would be happy to find Somatropin HGH for sale where you can save money.

With this being said, we highly recommend you to use

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There’s no need to hurry because we understand you may be skeptical. There’s no need to believe our words – you can do your own research. With this being said, you can check the prices for a brand of HGH on our site and other sources. You’re going to notice that we offer it for a much lower price.

In terms of quality – we are not working with companies that are not GMP approved. This means that absolutely any product you buy from us is a product that was manufactured under all the strictest standards. It ensures that is exactly what you paid for.

HGH Price

In the end, we make sure that by buying Somatropin HGH for sale from you’re able to save a lot of money. That’s regardless what’s your purpose of running Human Growth Hormone. Be it for medical needs, for physique and performance enhancement, or for anti aging and fat loss purposes – regardless.

Keep in mind that the price for a real high quality Somatropin can range between $2 and $50 per one single IU. Is important to buy HGH only in the form of an injection. Injections are measured in IU. Go for injections only because it is the only real Human Growth Hormone.


The dosages start at 1-2 IU per day and can be as much as 10 IU or even 15 IU (for bodybuilding purposes) on a daily basis. It is quite obvious that the price for Somatropin you pay is playing a huge role in how big of a whole this compound can make in your wallet. We’re trying to keep that whole as little as possible.

You may still notice that different HGH brands are having different prices on That’s because the prices are dictated by each manufacturer (brand) individually and we can’t have control over it.

  • Instead, we can have control over not offering overpriced or under-dosed, or under quality HGH products. That’s exactly what we’re trying to do.


We highly recommend to everyone to do their research before actually buying and using Somatropin Human Growth Hormone. That’s because: HB-HgH-Liquid

  • HGH is expensive
  • It should be used on a daily basis
  • You’re playing with your hormones
  • The benefits from HGH use are seen only after about 8 weeks of continuous daily use.

You would need to spend a good amount of time and money until the results are seen. But that’s definitely worth it. However, that’s why is important to avoid overpaying. In the long run – you can save a huge amount of money.

Plus, it is important to avoid low quality HGH too. This way you would make sure you get the maximum benefits and least side effects.

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In the end, Somatropin HGH is offering a wealth of benefits and we’re trying to offer it to you for the cheapest price on the market while making sure you won’t ever get a lower quality than absolutely the best one.

Human Growth Hormone

HGH Bodybuilding

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a peptide hormone that is known for stimulating the growth and regeneration of cells. It is a vital hormone for a person, helping to grow until becoming an adult. Then helping with a lot of different things throughout adulthood and elder ages. HGH is extremely important and is therefore prescribed to children with stunted growth. Sometimes to elder people who need to improve the quality of their life.

HGH is prescribed to adults who are suffering from HGH deficiency (which can be due to a number of reasons). In the end, HGH is extremely important, this is a protein hormone having endocrine functions in both animals and humans. Without enough HGH levels, a person cannot live a normal life having many nasty symptoms.


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Since this is a Growth Hormone, there’s no need to mention the importance of HGH in bodybuilding.

  • The peptide hormone is used in the medical world for various purposes, is used in the non fitness world for its anti aging properties. But is very popular in the fitness and athletic world too as a very effective (and fairly safe) performance enhancing drug.

HGH and Bodybuilding

HGH has changed the bodybuilding world. Professional bodybuilders from the 1970-1980s were about 100 lbs lighter compared to the professional bodybuilders you see competing on nowadays stages. Anabolic steroids, diets, working out – little has changed since then yet they still managed to pack on almost 100 lbs more weight. How’s that?

Human Growth Hormone has been added to the equation.

This is a compound that is capable of altering genetic limits. It makes the individual grow way more than he would ever be capable of growing without HGH.


HGH Bodybuilding Benefits

As it was earlier mentioned, HGH has a lot of benefits in bodybuilding but one of the main reasons why bodybuilders are running it is, as earlier mentioned, to positively change the genetic capability of the user.

Nonetheless, there are a lot of other benefits too such as strengthening up the joints and the ligaments as well as healing the damaged tissue. All of which are extremely important in bodybuilding where super heavy weights are present.

Another thing that HGH is appreciated for in bodybuilding is that this is a natural substance that is not very easily detectable as other performance enhancing drugs (PEDs). Nonetheless, HGH in bodybuilding is still most commonly used along with androgenic and anabolic steroids (AAS) in order to improve athletic performance and to build as many muscles as possible.

HGH in bodybuilding has lots of other benefits such as restoring back the age-related deterioration of the body, that’s why it is often considered the “fountain of youth” as it is capable of turning back the biological clock of the body. That’s why it is so popular for other purposes than bodybuilding too.

But Human Growth Hormone is effective for building muscles, strengthening the immune system, reducing body fat (especially at the belly), restoring hair and skin – greatly improving their quality; normalizes blood sugar, cholesterol, increases energy, and greatly improves your sexual life too. Is doing a great job in helping to heal and recover from diseases, injuries, and intense training sessions. It improves sleep quality, memory, vision and has cognitive positive effects too. There are lots of other benefits too.

HGH Bodybuilding Dosage

Human Growth Hormone is generally recommended to be administered in a dosage of 1-5 IU a day, being administered with 1 mL syringe. The total daily dose is used at the same time of the day either once or split up 2 times daily.

People running HGH for bodybuilding purposes are usually using 4-8 IU daily as is enough to improve body composition and grow muscles. Very often, bodybuilders add other compounds with HGH.


Sometimes, bodybuilders go to doses as high as 15 IU daily and even more. But those are dosages that are likely to offer side effects.

A normal cycle length in bodybuilding with HGH is anywhere between 5 and 8 months.

HGH Bodybuilding Side Effects

HGH is taken intravenously and is usually kept in lyophilized powder. Then is mixed with distilled water when it must be injected. Is very important to keep it in the refrigerator in case you mix it to avoid side effects.

Is important to remember that HGH is only effective as an injection. HGH pills, tablets, patches, etc. are not going to increase HGH levels.

The abuse of HGH is going to lead to side effects.

Normal administrations are likely to be very well tolerated by most people, especially bodybuilders. But higher dosages are likely to offer side effects such as

  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • increased risks of diabetes
  • water retention
  • numbness and tingling of the skin
  • nerve, muscle, or joint pains
  • there are others too

There are other side effects like sleepiness. It can interfere with the bodybuilders’ normal schedule of the day. Hypoglycemia is another side effect. Plus, if used for way too long and in way too high dosages it could lead to one of the worst HGH side effect in bodybuilding known as HGH Gut. It is seen in those bodybuilders having 8 pack abs and body fat of under 5% and still having a huge stomach.


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Human Growth Hormone

Human Growth Hormone

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is the compound that has grown in popularity extremely fast in the late years, surpassing the popularity of almost all other performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) out there. When talking about performance and physique improvement purposes Growth Hormone is on the top.

Human Growth Hormone is actually a peptide hormone that is stimulating the growth and repair of all cells, helping people reach their goals on a cellular level.


  • HGH is a protein hormone, not an anabolic one, that’s why it is very different from anabolic steroids. However, is extremely effective for the purpose of physique and performance enhancement. This is an extremely important hormone having vital endocrine functions in humans.

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The Growth Hormone (GH) is known to stimulate cell reproduction as well as regeneration in all humans and animals. The compound has a lot of benefits as a performance enhancing compound and is used for medical purposes for various needs. But is also a compound that can be used for non-medical and non-fitness purposes as an anti aging compound.

Natural Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

As you can guess, HGH is produced naturally in the body, but the levels of this hormone start to decrease as we age. Like any other hormone, the amount of HGH produced naturally is highly dependent on many factors such as genetics, environment, lifestyle, etc.

As you can guess, the best way to get healthy amounts of HGH naturally is to: have a healthy lifestyle with a good diet, get enough sleep, work out and train on a regular basis and be sexually active.

Human Growth Hormone in Medicine

The compound can be prescribed for both males and females as well as adults and children. It helps adults suffering from low levels of HGH and helps children who are suffering from growth disorders.

Adults with low HGH levels are having a wide spectrum of symptoms. They should be treated with HGH for living a normal life. HGH is often given to HIV patients too. It has many other uses, too.

Human Growth Hormone Injections

Is important to understand that the only way to administer HGH is through injections. You may notice that some companies try to offer HGH as pills, patches, gels, etc. – but none of them has been proven to work through science.

That’s why, all other forms of HGH other than injections are considered ineffective and if you do go for them, you’re likely to spend your money to no avail.

Human Growth Hormone Benefits


HGH has a lot of benefits both for a better life (due to its anti-aging properties) as well as for bodybuilding and athletic purposes. Some of them are:

  • Decreased body fat (especially midsection)
  • Increased lean muscle mass
  • Way faster recovery
  • Deeper, longer and improved sleep
  • Boosted metabolism
  • Improves immune system
  • Greatly improves sexual health (libido, ED)
  • Boosts endurance and performance during workout
  • Lots of benefits for skin and hair
  • Greatly increases energy levels
  • Improves cholesterol health

Remember that this is not even the full list of benefits that you may get from using Human Growth Hormone properly. No wonder it is so popular and widely used.

Human Growth Hormone Side Effects

The compound is not an anabolic hormone so no anabolic related side effects would occur. Instead, it comes with its own set of side effects. Luckily, most people tolerate HGH well and side effects are mild for most people.


Nonetheless, in case you have a natural low tolerance, use the compound in too high doses or for too long periods – you may develop side effects such as:

  • Pains in joints
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome (painful wrists)
  • Water retention
  • Hypoglycemia and increased risks of diabetes
  • Sleepiness (can’t stay awake during the day)
  • Headaches, nausea, dizziness, and others

Bodybuilders using it in very high dosages for long periods may also develop the side effect known as “HGH Gut”, the abnormal increase in the size of the stomach. That’s specific to those bodybuilders of extremely low % of body fat and 8 pack abs – yet they still have large stomachs.

Being a Growth Hormone, it is important to remember that it could make all your cells grow. That’s why, if you’re having cancer (cancerous cells) better avoid HGH otherwise they may grow as well.

Human Growth Hormone Dosage

In the end, dosages range anywhere between 1 IU up to around 15 IU per day. The compound is used on a daily basis once (or even twice) per day. The minimum cycle length is 4 months, often used for longer such as 6 or 8 months.

There’s such a big difference in daily dosage because it highly depends on what you’re aiming for. Generally, anti aging and fat loss needs are reached in doses up to 4 IU a day. But for lean muscle mass growth, dosage starts at 4 IU and up to about 8-10 IU daily. Only professionals may use higher dosages.

Often, HGH is stacked with anabolic steroids and other compounds for physique and performance enhancement.


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In the end, it is important to use Huma Growth Hormone properly and to buy the best quality HGH out there. This is an expensive product and very often is faked or sold as low quality so scammers could make a profit. For example, this is true if you want to buy HGH in other forms than injections. Nonetheless, you can buy the best quality HGH directly from You’re also going to get it for the cheapest price on the market.


Isotretinoin Side Effects

Isotretinoin is a medication that is mostly used for treating severe acne. It is being sold as numerous brand names with the most popular one being Accutane. But it can be sold as numerous others like Roaccutane and many others. The compound may have other medical uses than just treating acne such as treating certain skin cancers and other skin conditions.


Isotretinoin is a retinoid and this means that Isotretinoin is related to vitamin A as an isomer. Retinoid is a chemical related to vitamin A that is found in the body in small amounts naturally.

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The compound can be extremely efficient in dealing with acne by blocking oil glands secreting oil. It inhibits the function of sebaceous glands. However, before actually running Isotretinoin is highly recommended to read about Isotretinoin side effects.

Isotretinoin Facts

Specifically due to those Isotretinoin side effects, the compound can be obtained only by prescription in the United States. However, is still a compound that can be obtained as an OTC medication in many countries of the world. That’s regardless if you buy it as oral pills or as a topical solution.

Isotretinoin was patented in 1969 and was approved for use in medicine in 1982.

The compound is extremely effective in dealing with acne related issues. A study done on the compound proved that out of 133 patients who took the compound for 2-28 weeks and then followed by further follow-up during the year – 127 patients have noticed a partial or complete disappearance of acne.

Therefore, Isotretinoin has a success rate of 95%!

  • Taken into consideration that acne is a common side effect among people who are running anabolic and androgenic steroids, it is quite obvious that bodybuilders started to use Isotretinoin as an effective compound to deal with their acne related issues that are likely to worsen during the use of steroids.


Accutane – Isotretinoin Side Effects

So, Isotretinoin in bodybuilding is used to deal with side effects caused by anabolic steroids. Nonetheless, it is important to remember that it comes with its own side effects.

According to reports, people running the compound in small amounts are at much lower risks of side effects. By taking into consideration that bodybuilders generally need much smaller amounts than people who need it for dealing with severe acne prescribed by a doctor – they are less likely to get side effects.

Some of the worst side effects of Isotretinoin are associated with birth defects, depression, and suicide of patients, that’s why there are numerous warnings on the product.

Other than that, there are studies suggesting that this compound can be associated with a certain level of hepatotoxicity. That’s the main reason why it could lead to pancreatitis, suppression of HDL (good) cholesterol levels, and increased triglycerides.

Isotretinoin can be associated with some visual side effects too such as visual impairment, decreased vision at night, and others.

Other Isotretinoin side effects may include: palpitations, hoarseness, intracranial hypertension, and others.

  • Also, most of the side effects of Isotretinoin are only reported in the general public fighting with severe acne and using very high dosages. Severe side effects are rarely reported and Isotretinoin side effects are even rarely reported among bodybuilders.


In the end, the most common side effects include dry lips (cheilitis); dry and fragile skin as well as increased susceptibility to sunburn. Rarely someone gets side effects more than these. Nonetheless, there are still uncommon and rare side effects such as muscle aches and pains as well as headaches.

Women Warning About Isotretinoin

Women who are pregnant should not use this product at all! That’s because the use of this drug even in small doses is associated with very serious complications of the fetus development.

Again, if you’re a woman using Isotretinoin, it is extremely important not to get pregnant while using Isotretinoin. Avoid getting pregnant one month after stopping because of severe risks associated with Isotretinoin and fetus. Women getting pregnant during the use of Isotretinoin are commonly counseled to have an abortion.


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Finasteride For Hair

Finasteride is a very popular compound for hair. That’s because it is perhaps the most effective compound for preventing and treating hair loss. It also helps with the regrowth of hair. The compound is FDA approved (as brand name Propecia including others) for treatment of male pattern baldness. That’s because it was proven very effective and fairly safe when used properly.

  • Finasteride for hair is the most popular use of this product. But it was firstly approved for the treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH).

Nowadays, except for being used for the treatment of androgenic alopecia (hair loss) and BPH, Finasteride can be used for other needs such as prostate cancer, excessive hair growth in women (hirsutism) as well as helping transgender women for their Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) in combination with other medications.

Nonetheless, by far the most popular use of Finasteride is for hair loss. In fact, most people know Finasteride only as a medication to treat or prevent hair loss.


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That’s why bodybuilders use the compound too – for hair loss prevention or treatment. That’s because anabolic steroids are known to speed up hair loss and they use the compound to save their hair.

Finasteride For Hair – How Does It Work?

Finasteride is an orally active medication known as a potent type II 5 Alpha-Reductase Inhibitor that is working by preventing testosterone from being converted into Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Therefore, the user of Finasteride is going to get a drop of serum DHT levels and according to studies that’s up to about 70% whilst the DHT levels in the prostate are reduced by up to 90%.

This is going to lead to an overall drop in androgen activity on the scalp because dihydrotestosterone is a very powerful androgen hormone. Since there’s less androgen activity in the scalp – fewer hair follicles are getting shrunk.

That’s why DHT is considered the enemy of head hair. The more DHT levels you have – the more likely you are to lose head hair. Since Testosterone and Dihydrotestosterone are found much more in men than women. That’s explaining why men are generally prone to hair loss rather than women.


Steroid Users and Finasteride For Hair

Why is Finasteride so popular among bodybuilders and other anabolic steroid users?

Very well, you should know that on average, in normal circumstances, approximately 5% of testosterone is being converted into DHT in males. When an anabolic steroid user runs the steroids, the levels of testosterone are getting boosted and therefore, levels of DHT are getting increased too.

In a way or another, all steroids are increasing levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) – some are doing it to a lesser extent, others are doing it more, but they all increase it. Therefore, with increased levels of DHT, you are likely to lose hair, especially if you’re genetically prone to get this condition.

Is quite obvious that bodybuilders would want to stop the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. They try to lower the levels of DHT in the body in order to preserve hair loss.

Finasteride for hair loss prevention has been found to be especially effective when an individual is running DHT derived anabolic steroids. As much as it was noticed, Finasteride is doing a great job in keeping the already existing hair. But is helping many men to help grow them even more hair!


Dosage of Finasteride For Hair and Possible Side Effects

Usually, Finasteride dosage is 1 mg per day (one tablet) for hair loss treatment or prevention. When it is offered as a prescription, the doctor determines the amount of time you should run it for. But when used by bodybuilders to preserve hair, usually they use 1 mg a day of Finasteride for the length of the anabolic steroid cycle Usually that’s 8-16 weeks.

We recommend using Finasteride with Minoxidil – an Over The Counter (OTC) medication.

But we do not recommend using Finasteride unless that’s absolutely necessary. That’s because approximately 8% of men are suffering from some sexual related issues.

Some report decreased sex drive, others may get erectile dysfunctions. Other men may suffer from an inability to reach orgasm and a combination of these issues. Taken into consideration DHT is a powerful sex hormone – is no wonder that sexual related issues are possible.

But there are other related issues too such as decreased muscular mass, psychological issues (no motivation; depression; and others), and others.

  • Some men don’t get any side effects at all. Others get mild ones that disappear as soon as Finasteride dosage stops. But others may get nasty side effects and/or long lasting ones.

That’s why Finasteride for hair loss may be great, but make sure you absolutely need it before running it.

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