What is T4 by Hilma Biocare?

T4 by Hilma Biocare

T4 is the brand name of the active substance Levothyroxine or its full name Liothyroxine Sodium which is a synthetic manufactured form of the thyroid hormone thyroxine (T4) – hence how this compound got this name.

This compound is manufactured by Hilma Biocare and although Liothyroxine Sodium might be found as many other brand names manufactured by many other pharmaceutical companies, this product is offered for the lowest price when obtained from Hilma Biocare which saves customers a lot of money by getting the same high quality and purity Levothyroxine compound.

Levothyroxine is coming in both form of injections and oral form as tablets while the preferably form of Levothyroxine Sodium is oral tablets since is much easier to swallow tablets than to use injections. Hilma Biocare offers the compound in form of tablets containing 50 tablets per bottle and 100 mcg per tablet.

This compound is very widely used for treating thyroid hormone deficiency as well as a severe form known as myxedema coma. The compound is also medically used for treating and preventing certain thyroid tumor types.

This compound was discovered almost 100 years ago in 1927 and is currently on the WHO’s list of Essential Medicines which means that the compound is very effective while is remaining a very safe product.

Levothyroxine often called L-thyroxine (T4) or simply Thyroxine is a naturally occurring hormone that is being secreted by the thyroid gland in the body naturally.

There are differences between the thyroid hormone Liothyronine (T3) because T4 is produced directly by the thyroid gland in the time T3 is produced in the body by enzymatic conversion of the T4.

Bodybuilders and other athletes are using T4 or T3 for increasing their metabolic turnover and therefore to help them burn more calories and get them lean while losing body fat.

What is Levothyroxine Used For? | What Does Levothyroxine Do?

Levothyroxine Sodium (T4) is being used for various medical uses such as hypothyroidism treatment; in elder people known or suspected with ischemic heart diseases; for children with hypothyroidism; for myxedema coma as well as for pregnancy and breastfeeding because thyroid hormones are required throughout the entire pregnancy period as well as they are found in breast milk.

Mainly, the compound is used for treating hypothyroidism (the state when a person does not have enough thyroid levels) and that’s because T4 is offering synthetic thyroid hormones that are working absolutely the same way as naturally occurring one.

Synthetic T4, when used, is working by simply elevating thyroid hormones and this, in turn, is offering various benefits in the body. One of the task of thyroid hormones is to regulate the burning of fat; proteins and carbohydrates. When low thyroid levels are present, the process is slow.

With this being said, the compound is used by bodybuilders either to lose that extra little bit of body fat they cannot reach naturally, or for being able to eat junk food without adding more fats.

This compound is increasing thyroid hormones and this is increasing the metabolic turnover and generally, increases the person’s metabolism, which requires more fuel to burn. Your body is burning fat much efficiently and faster. But since it may take energy out of muscles, bodybuilders and other athletes are using the compound alongside with steroids or Clenbuterol for avoiding muscle loss.

Levothyroxine Dosage | How to Take Levothyroxine T4?

Levothyroxine Sodium T4 manufactured by Hilma Biocare is coming in form of tablets and it should be taken by mouth on a daily basis because it offers a short half life and a daily administration should be maintained for having stable blood levels.

When this compound is offered as a prescription medication, we recommend customers to use it exactly as prescribed by the doctor in terms of dosage, time frame, frequency and cycle length etc.

When is used for fat loss purposes, bodybuilders are mainly using the compound during their cutting cycles when they want to get lean and shredded. Athletes reports tend to suggest that a maximum dosage of 200-400 mcg a day should be used for being helpful and staying away from side effects.

Most often, customers suggest that the dosage must start at a dosage of 100 mcg per day and then it should be slowly increased every 1-2 days by about 25 mcg or 50 mcg until you reach the maximum daily dosage.

At the end of the cycle, the user must slowly lower the dosage and not stop it abruptly. The dosage must be lowered down by about 25 or 50 mcg per day every 2-3 days until the dosage reaches zero.

Is very important to slowly increase and slowly decrease so the thyroid gland to adjust accordingly. Cycle length of T4 is usually in the range of 4-6 weeks with absolute maximum of 8 weeks.

Levothyroxine Side Effects | Side Effects of T4 – Levothyroxine Sodium

The side effects of Levothyroxine Sodium T4 usually appear after approximately 6-11 hours after the application of the dosage. If they appear, reduce the dosage or completely stop. By overdosing on this compound, there are reports of people suffering from heart failure or coma. Nonetheless, these are extremely rare side effects only when extremely huge doses where administered.

Most common side effects of T4 are also associated with over dosage but in much lower quantities and they are mainly being associated with hyperthyroidism (too much thyroid hormones) which is the opposite of hypothyroidism.

They usually include: irritability; sweating; insomnia; headaches; irregular heartbeat; increased bowel motility; nervousness and some others.

T4 may suppress the natural production of thyroid hormones and for this reason is extremely important to slowly increase and slowly decrease the dosage. Also, there are supplements which may help to restore the natural thyroid production.

By not using any steroids and abruptly stopping this compound, the individual might get hypothyroidism as a result of not getting any synthetic T4 and the body not producing enough thyroid hormones on its own.

It is similar to testosterone production during the administration of anabolic steroids which inhibit the production of testosterone during the steroid cycle and then the testosterone production re starts again after the cycle ends which is why a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan is required.

Where to Buy T4 Levothyroxine Sodium? | Get T4 by Hilma Biocare

T4 manufactured by Hilma Biocare containing Levothyroxine Sodium known simply as L-Thyroxine is a synthetic thyroid compound which is elevating the levels of thyroid hormones and therefore the body is getting numerous benefits.

Fat loss is one of the main reasons why this compound is being used by bodybuilders and they are achieving great success by losing the body fat they couldn’t lose naturally. Also, they are allowed to eat junk or fast food without adding extra fat.

The compound is extremely beneficial to be obtained from this website as T4 by Hilma Biocare is offering the best price for this compound that would save you lots of money.