What is Exemestane by Hilma Biocare?

Exemestane by Hilma Biocare

Exemestane is the brand name as well as the active substance in the product manufactured by the famous pharmaceutical company Hilma Biocare which is very well known for producing only high quality products for lowest prices. Exemestane is actually the substance in this compound but the pharma company kept this name for their brand. However, Exemestane might be better known as Aromasin, and it can be found as many other brand names manufactured by other pharamcies.

This medication, in medical settings, is required for treating breast cancer, nonetheless, it got its place among medications for bodybuilders and steroid users. That’s because this compound is blocking the synthesis of estrogen and when estrogen is getting a problem for a steroid user, Exemestane is super helpful.

Generally, this compound is being used by anyone who is dealing with way too much estrogen related issues. Taking in consideration that there are some breast cancer which require estrogen to form and grow, Exemestane is widely used for this type of breast cancer.

Exemestane which might be known as Aromasin is categorized as an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI) and that’s because it inhibits the aromatase – the enzyme that is responsible for synthesizing estrogen. All Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs) alongside with Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs) such as Clomid or Nolvadex are forming up the wider class of drugs known as anti estrogens because all of them are dealing with estrogen related side effects.

However, there’s a huge difference between SERMs and AIs in how they are dealing with estrogen and the mechanism of action.

Anyway, this compound has been approved by USA FDA in 1999 and it quickly become very popular all around the world for being a very helpful medicine.

How Long Does Exemestane Stay in Your System? | Exemestane Half Life

According to the studies, the half life of Exemestane is approximately 25 or 27 hours. This is the time in which half of the amount of Exemestane used is going to get flushed out of your system. That’s why, the compound is going to stay in your body for up to about 54 hours – the point when this compound would be fully flushed out of your body.

However, the compound starts to be less effective much faster than 54 hours because there is going to be too little amount left for it to work properly. For this reason, the medicine must be used every day or at least every other day.

What is Exemestane Used For? | What is Aromasin Used For?

As it was already said earlier, this compound is medically being used, mainly, for treating hormonally receptive breast cancer (the one that requires estrogen to grow). However, the compound is also used in bodybuilding because this is a very effective drug that was proven to reduce the estrogen levels by up to about 85% and plus to that, this is a suicidal aromatase inhibitor (AI) unlike other AIs and this is the only compound that is permanently going to disable the enzyme aromatase as soon as it would bind to it.

With this being said, when using other Aromatase Inhibitors, there’s a chance that when stopping to use them, you would go into an estrogen rebound when the estrogen levels spike up after stopping to use the compound. This cannot happen with Exemestane because it reduces the estrogen levels permanently.

Steroid users require this type of medication because there are certain anabolic and androgenic steroids (AAS) that are known to convert into estrogen and they are called aromatizable steroids or “wet” steroids. Most often, such compound are being used during bulking cycles when you need to grow as much as possible. Some examples include: nandrolones; boldenone; testosterone; Dianabol and many others.

When too much of these aromatizable steroids are used, the user gets estrogenic based side effects. That’s the moment when Exemestane – Aromasin is so helpful – it reduces the estrogen allowing the user to keep on using “wet” steroid without getting estrogenic side effects such as water retention; depression; hypertension; bloating and many others.

Exemestane Dosage | Exemestane Administration | Aromasin Dosage

As mentioned, this compound is offering a half life enough to be used once a day or even once every other day in case once a day is too much for someone. This is definitely possible for someone to use “too much” and that’s why dosages should be kept low, otherwise you risk to inhibit way too much of estrogen which is also coming with a list of negative side effects.

Exemestane is coming in form of tablets and should be used orally. We recommend to start slowly and to increase the dosage in case you can feel you tolerate more and your body requires more for dealing better with estrogenic based side effects.

We recommend to start at a dosage of 12.5 mg every other day, increase to every day or to 25 mg every other day if required and then increase to 25 mg every day if required. There’s a very high chance that you won’t ever require more than 25 mg ED.

You need to get a feeling of what’s the best dosage and stick with it. Do not use more than required.

Exemestane Side Effects | Aromasin Side Effects

As mentioned, there’s definitely such a phenomenon as “too much” Aromatase Inhibitor (AI) and that’s definitely possible if abusing Aromasin – Exemestane. Do not use more than required for avoiding side effects.

By taking too much, you inhibit too much estrogen and this might lead to negative side effects on your mood, on your libido, dry and painful joints and some other side effects.

When taken in normal dosages, is a rare phenomenon when guys will complain of Exemestane – Aromasin side effects. There are reports of people complaining of joint pain which is due to dryness, but reducing the dosage is going to reduce the side effects intensity and frequency.

The side effects for bodybuilders rarely occur out of using Exemestane. This compound is not side effects free, but mainly, females get side effects out of using this compound for breast cancer. That’s because their tolerance is lower, but they need higher dosage and for a much longer period of time when need Exemestane for breast cancer than males for dealing with estrogenic side effects during administration with anabolic steroids.

Where to Buy Exemestane Bodybuilding? | Buy Exemestane 25 mg

Exemestane which might be known by some people as Aromasin can be purchased directly from this website absolutely hassle free. Exemestane is an amazing compound for bodybuilders and Exemestane 25 mg is a powerful Aromatase Inhibitor (AI), which is dealing extremely good with your estrogenic based side effects.

Exemestane manufactured by Hilma Biocare is a very high quality compound that is no different from its other brand Aromasin except for the price. You can be sure the quality is very high – there are customer reviews indicating that Hilma Biocare is a trustworthy pharmacy making pure and high quality compounds for very low prices allowing customers to save a lot.

Every anabolic steroid user planning to use aromatizable steroid must have an aromatase inhibitor like Exemestane.