Liothyronine Sodium

What is Liothyronine Sodium by Hilma Biocare?

Liothyronine Sodium by Hilma Biocare

Liothyronine Sodium known as T3 is the active substance in the brand with the same name manufactured by Hilma Biocare. However, Liothyronine Sodium which is actually a chemical name, might be known by someone as Cytomel or Cytomel T3. That’s because this is the most famous brand name of Liothyronine Sodium.

Anyway, Cytomel is actually the exact same compound as Liothyronine Sodium by Hilma Biocare. Nonetheless, this pharmaceutical company is offering the same compound but for a much lower price, with this being said, you save a lot of money by getting same compound so you simply do not overpay.

So, Cytomel T3 or Liothyronine Sodium T3 (or simply Liothyronine) is actually a synthetic form of the thyroid hormone which is known as triiodothyronine (that’s why is named T3) and the compound is used in medical settings mainly for treating hypothyroidism and myxedema coma.

This compound has been approved for medical use many years ago in 1956 and the compound is like a generic medication for Cytomel offered for a very low price. Liothyronine can be used both by mouth or by injection into a vein, however, the oral form taken by mouth in tablets remains by far the most preferred method of administration.

Liothyronine Sodium T3 by Hilma Biocare contains 50 tablets per bottle with 50 mcg per tablet.

This compound is used very much in psychiatric circles too and is considered pretty effective for treating major depressive disorders when combined with other compounds, however, this product is also very well known as a helpful product during cutting cycles for bodybuilders and athletes.

Therefore, this product is used as a physique and performance enhancement drug too, for losing body fat.

What is Liothyronine Used For? | What is Cytomel Used For? | Liothyronine Sodium T3

As mentioned, CytomelLiothyronine T3 is being used for treating hypothyroidism. This is a condition given to an individual when is not having enough activity of the thyroid and therefore not enough thyroid hormones. This is the opposite of hyperthyroidism when the thyroid is over active and the individual gets too much hormones.

Both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism conditions are coming with their own list of side effects. Bodybuilders are using the compound for increasing the levels of thyroid and therefore being able to lose more fat and faster.

This compound is not stimulating your thyroid to secrete more hormones, but is simply increasing your overall thyroid hormones and this is causing your metabolism to speed up. The hormone T3 is the regulator of oxidative metabolism of energy. By supplementing with this product Liothyronine Sodium – this is going to lead to an increased uptake of nutrients into the mitochondria.

With this being said, as a result, everything in the body is going to work harder and therefore, your body is going to required more fuel. This is how it reaches your fat faster and more efficiently to be burned. However, the compound might very easily reach muscles too for achieving its needs of fuel.

This is the reason why bodybuilders might reduce both body fat and muscle mass while using Liothyronine Sodium. This is a huge reason why bodybuilders are using T3 compounds as a part of their anabolic steroid cycles – so they would be able to maintain muscles while losing body fat.

This compound has been found effective in enhancing Growth Hormone (HGH) production, however, is not recommended to use this compound for this purposes.

Mainly, this product is being used for treating hypothyroidism in medical settings and is a popular compound among bodybuilders because is helping to drop down the last 1-2% of body fat which cannot be burnt in natural ways by dieting and regular cardio.

How to Take Liothyronine? | Liothyronine Dosage | How to Take Cytomel T3? | Cytomel Dosage

As mentioned, Liothyronine Sodium – Cytomel T3 is coming in form of tablets and it should be used orally by mouth. The compound must be taken daily because it has a half life of about 1.5 up to maximum 2 days.

When is being used for losing body fat by bodybuilders, the compound is recommended to be stacked with anabolic steroids for not losing muscle mass alongside with body fat.

There are 2 different methods of using this compound which bodybuilders usually go for. We recommend to start with the first and then go with the second if you’re feeling you can tolerate it.

The first one is conservative which is used in lower doses and shorter periods of time but is not offering such negative side effects. The second is more aggressive with higher doses and more periods but more negative side effects.

First: doses ranges between 12.5 up to 25 mcg a day (either in a single or split dosage) for about 4-6 weeks. Second: dosage ranges between 50 up to 75 mcg a day (most often dosage is split up) for about 2-3 months.

Liothyronine Side Effects | Cytomel Side Effects

Side effects of Liothyronine Sodium – Cytomel T3 greatly depend on which method of administration you decide to use.

This compound is working in a similar way to anabolic steroids when it comes to suppression. Steroids are known to suppress testosterone production and the suppression depends on the dosage of steroids users and cycle length. Same goes here – when supplementing with Liothyronine, you are suppressing the production of thyroids and the suppression level depends on dosage and cycle length.

Inhibiting too much your natural production, you would run into a low thyroid levels – hypothyroidism, when you stop using the compound. That’s why, is very important to have a Post Cycle Therapy too.

There is a product called T3 PCT which you may need. But if you cannot find it, make sure to supplement with zinc, vitamin B12; ashwagandha as well as selenium.

It is very important to make sure not to run into the hypothyroidism condition when you stop taking the compound and get your thyroid levels suppressed too much for avoiding side effects.

As for the side effects during the administration – they are related with the hyperthyroidism condition and this means that you’re taking too much of this compound. Reducing the dosage would reduce the side effects too which go as: headaches; insomnia; appetite increase; heat sensitivity; weight loss; body tremors; irritability; stomach issues and bowel movements; excessive sweating and others.

Where to Buy Liothyronine Sodium (T3) | Where to Buy Cytomel Generic?

Liothyronine Sodium is the brand name of Hilma Biocare containing the same active substance and it can be purchased absolutely hassle free from this website.

Customers can be sure they would receive an extremely high quality compound for a very low price. This is a Cytomel Generic product but is not compromising on the quality and is offered for a low price.

Liothyronine T3 by Hilma Biocare is an amazing compound which can increase your thyroid levels and therefore greatly improve metabolism and help you to lose the body fat that cannot be dropped naturally without any help.