What is Turinabol by Hilma Biocare?

Turinabol by Hilma Biocare

Turinabol is the trade name of the compound manufactured by Hilma Biocare and is the most famous trade name of this compound offering the active substance called 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone. Turinabol also might be known as Tbol, Oral Tbol or Oral Turinabol.

Turinabol with the active substance 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone is an anabolic and androgenic steroid (AAS) that was discovered a lot of years ago by a German pharmaceutical company designed specifically for performance and physique enhancement purposes. This makes Turinabol to be among the very few steroids that never had any medical uses and never was intended to have any.

In the past, this AAS was used by German athletes during Olympic games to increase their physique and performance and for avoiding “getting caught” on anti doping tests. Nowadays, the product is banned by WADA and can be detected but doesn’t stop a lot of people using Turinabol as it remains a very famous steroid.

Turinabol is like a little brother of Dianabol (Dbol) because is Turinabol is Dianabol’s derivative – Methandrostenolone. Nonetheless, there are differences between the 2 with Turinabol not being such a powerful steroid as Dianabol is and plus to that, it doesn’t convert into estrogen as DianabolMethandrostenolone.

In the end, Turinabol is considered a very safe steroid in the time that it remains helpful for increasing physique and performance levels. Turinabol is notorious for offering slow but quality muscle gains in the time is not as dangerous as most other AAS.

Hilma Biocare manufacturing this compound, is a famous pharma company which got a lot of trust and reputation online both from retailers and customers due to offering highest quality products with highest purity level. But the best is that customers are able to save money by getting those high quality compounds.

Turinabol Half Life | How Long Does Turinabol Stay in Your System?

Turinabol containing 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone is considered to have a pretty long half life for an orally active steroid. Every medicine is staying in the system for twice the time of half life of active substance.

So, the half life of chlorodehydromethyltestosterone is 16 hours and that’s why Turinabol stays in your system for about 32 hours until it gets fully flushed out.

Anyway, because of its pharmacological structure, the half life is only 16 hours (longer compared to other orally active AAS), but the detection time is extremely long, one of the longest compared to most other steroids which is up to 12 months.

What is Turinabol Used For?

As it was previously said, Turinabol never had any medical uses and it was never intended to have any, unlike many other AAS. It was created many years ago and was designed only for increasing performance and physique.

Turinabol effectiveness (especially from Hilma Biocare) is extremely high. No wonder this compound is remaining so famous. Here are some benefits you may receive out of using it:

Results in terms of muscle mass, performance levels and strength levels without adding weight that is a big advantage for those athletes that need to compete in a certain weight class. Turinabol is offering tighter and quality muscles while increasing free testosterone, is increasing strength and lean muscle mass, increases both speed and agility and also strongly binds to SHBG which means that other steroids get more effectiveness when used alongside with Turinabol. All of that while is considered a safer steroid compared to others. Generally, a fairly side effects friendly steroid.

However, because the product is not offering as huge gains in terms of muscle mass and size, Turinabol isn’t very often used as a bulking steroid during the bulking cycles due to other steroids considered better and more helpful. Turinabol should be used in bulking only if stacked with other steroids or during cutting cycles (which is still often stacked).

Turinabol Cycle | Turinabol Dosage

There are various cycles with Turinabol but one of the best is considered: 25 mg a day of Turinabol (Tbol) and 25 mg of Dianabol (Dbol) alongside with Cardarine 20 mg a day and 5 caps per day of N2Guard. Cycle length of 6 weeks. You can then increase to 50 mg a day for better effectiveness.

Add a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) after all Turinabol cycles because it is suppressing to testosterone as any other anabolic and androgenic steroids (AAS).

Plus, Turinabol is also often stacked with Testosterone Cypionate offering amazing results. 500 mg of Testosterone Cypionate once a week for 12 weeks with Cardarine 20 mg a day and N2Guard 5 caps a day would be good. Turinabol is taken about 50 mg a day for the first 6-8 weeks only due to hepatotoxicity.

You may need to add some aromatase inhibitor like Exemestane because of Dianabol or Testosterone with adjusted dosage to your needs (you won’t ever need it because of Turinabol).

Turinabol is considered to offer a very low androgenic rating of only 6 and that’s why the steroid can be used by females too. However, women cannot tolerate it as men do so dosages should be much less.

Dosages for women should be in the range of 2.5 mg up to 7.5 mg a day maximum (do not attempt higher doses due to virilization risks, especially in higher doses). But in the cycles earlier we can notice that dosages for men are in the range of 20 to 50 mg a day and is recommended to stack it with other steroids.

Do not think that Turinabol is a weak steroid so you need to use it in higher doses for being effective. High doses might be more effective, but this also means more side effects too.

Turinabol Side Effects

Remember that, Turinabol is c17 alpha alkylated (C17AA) meaning that is dangerous to the liver. Although is not as hepatotoxic as other C17AA steroids, liver issues are still possible with higher doses so you need to use supplements and keep cycle length short.

Estrogenic side effects are not possible with Turinabol and that’s because it cannot aromatize. Plus, Turinabol can inhibit natural testosterone production. It may not be as huge inhibition as other steroids but a PCT plan is still recommended. This is not the full list of side effects possible.

In the end, Turinabol is considered a pretty mild steroid and that’s why is much better in terms of side effects compared to other steroids. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that side effects cannot occur, especially if it would be abused.

While side effects are not as bad as with other steroids, they are possible. However, the compound is still much safer and that’s why a better option for steroid beginners.

Where to Buy Oral Turinabol?

Turinabol containing the active substance 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone being a derivative of Dianabol (Methandrostenolone) is a very safe steroid while is remaining safe in terms of side effects and is increasing the effectiveness of other steroids when being stacked together.

For this reason, Turinabol is famous for physique and performance increases despite the fact that is a milder steroid. The product is nearly perfect for those who want to start using steroids and don’t know what they should start with.

Turinabol manufactured the company Hilma Biocare is an even better idea and that’s because you can receive it for a low price. You can get Turinabol from Hilma Biocare from this website and you will be happy with the price vs value ratio.