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Info About Test Cyp

The first application of Testosterone Cypionate was back in 1951. The product was sold under the brand name Depo-Testosterone. You might still find this brand name. Other popular names are Depovirin, Durandro, Duratest, and numerous others.

Test Cyp, exactly as all other versions of testosterone, does nothing else than just increase your testosterone levels. The difference between Test Cyp and others is in the half-life. This means in the release time after administration. Other than that, there’s no difference. All work to increase T levels. Why choose Test Cyp, specifically, then? Because you don’t need to use Testosterone Cypionate as often as other shorter versions of testosterone. Such as Testosterone Enanthate or Cypionate.

Testosterone Cypionate half-life is 10-12 days. For reference: Testosterone Enanthate half-life is 7-9 days. Testosterone Propionate half-life is only 1-2 days.

Therefore, you don’t need to go through the struggle of injecting yourself too often. Yet, you’ll maintain high and stable levels of Testosterone. Wondering why it’s important? Check Testosterone benefits. There are a lot of them.

Testosterone is actually one of the most important tools when it comes to your body growing, thriving, and repairing. It’s a vital hormone for men. Those with low T levels are suffering nasty symptoms. That’s why they get a prescription for Testosterone Cypionate from their doctors (as a form of TRT).

Testosterone is a vital hormone. That’s why people can run it in cycles alone or stack it with other steroids. However, I wouldn’t recommend running other steroids cycles without testosterone in it.

  • This is the king of anabolic steroids. All other steroids’ potencies are compared to testosterone. Testosterone (whatever ester) both anabolic and androgenic ratings are 100:100.


What Testosterone Does?

Testosterone is a hormone that has many different effects on the entire body. I’m going to share some examples of what it does for you. Remember, these are only examples. It does a lot more.

  • Muscles. Increases protein synthesis and nitrogen retention. Increases lean muscle tissues and strength. Doesn’t allow muscle loss.
  • Body Fat. Decreases body fat by increasing the beta-adrenergic receptors that help lose fat. Also, blocks the process of fat storage.
  • Bones. Increases bone mineralization. Makes them stronger and healthier. Increases red blood cell production. Maintains healthy bones.
  • Male sex organs. Needless to mention how important it is. Improves sperm production and vitality. Boosts erectile function and promotes the growth of the penis.
  • Brain. Has a direct impact on mood and feelings. Improves memory, sex drive, cognition, focus, and self-esteem.
  • Skin. Helps improve collagen production. Also aids healthy hair growth.
  • Kidneys. Aids the production of erythropoietin (EPO). This stimulates the production of red blood cell count.
  • Heart. Testosterone is helpful in increasing blood flow. Also, boosts cardiac output.

In short, normal testosterone levels are associated with a healthy individual. It increases metabolic rate, lowers body fat, increases lean muscle mass, boosts immune function, and so on and so forth.

Nonetheless, in bodybuilding, Testosterone is ideal for growing muscles. People use it for gaining strength and lean muscle tissues as well as breaking plateau that they hit naturally. In cutting cycles, it helps maintain the lean tissues and aids fat loss.

Moreover, people use exogenous testosterone (cypionate, enanthate, propionate, or whatever other) because anabolic steroids suppress natural testosterone production. With exogenous testosterone, they won’t only keep T levels in range but make them higher, which is beneficial for someone during a cycle.


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