Sustanon Vs Test E

Sustanon is an extremely famous anabolic steroid that is offering Testosterone but so is Test E – another extremely famous compound for offering testosterone. Test E is short form of Testosterone Enanthate, that’s how most people shortly calls it.

Testosterone Enanthate by Hilma BiocareTestosterone Enanthate is considered a pretty long version of Testosterone because Enanthate is the ester releasing the delay of Testosterone in the system after it got administered conveniently with a half life of around 4-7 days. The compound is considered one of the most famous version of testosterone base steroid in the world of bodybuilding because is long enough not to require too often injections but is short enough to offer pretty fast release and overall maintain stable blood levels of testosterone.

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Sustanon by Hilma BiocareOn the other hand we have Sustanon 250 is extremely popular too for bodybuilders because is containing a mixture of 4 different testosterones combined together with different esters and therefore, different half lives. Sustanon 250 has the number “250” attached meaning the amount of testosterone release per each mL injected. That’s why you may find other versions of Sustanon such as “300”, “350” or even higher, indicating they should offer higher testosterone per each mL.

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Testosterone Enanthate offers 250 mg of Testosterone Enanthate per ml whilst Sustanon 250 is offering:

  • Testosterone Propionate 30 mg with half life of 1-3 days.
  • Testosterone Phenylpropionate 60 mg with half life of 4-6 days.
  • Testosterone Isocaproate 60 mg with half life of 7-9 days.
  • Testosterone Decanoate 100 mg with half life of 13-21 days.

Therefore, the reason why Sustanon is such a popular compound is because is offering stable testosterone levels. The first is going to be Propionate that is entering your blood system, then is being followed by Phenylpropionate, the next one would be Isocaproate and then lastly – Decanoate.

When we are thinking about the half life of a product (regardless Sustanon, Testosterone Enanthate or any other), it means the time that it requires for the concentration of the product to be reduced in half in the body from the moment it was used.

Sustanon Vs Test E

  • Despite the fact that Sustanon is such a popular compound for offering stable blood levels with testosterone, there seem to be quite a good amount of controversy when talking about it. That’s because many people believe Testosterone Enanthate is actually a better compound at offering stable testosterone levels.
  • Others do not agree with this, since Sustanon 250 offers various testosterone release, logic says that Sustanon should maintain stable blood levels. Sustanon is entering your system faster, and is flushed out slower than Test E.

Sustanon by Hilma BiocareTestosterone Enanthate by Hilma Biocare






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Test E is one singular hormone whereas Sustanon is a blend of various types of Testosterone. As in terms of their potency, they may vary quite a lot.

There is Test E 250 meaning you receive 250 mg of the compound per mL of liquid, but there are also versions of Test E up to 500. Same goes for Sustanon where you may receive Sustanon 250 or Sustanon 500 indicating you would receive 250 mg or 500 mg of the product per mL of liquid administered.

However, in the end, the effects are generally the same without any differences as long as same dosage is used. That’s because both these compounds are offering the exact same result – increased testosterone levels.


Nonetheless, higher dosages are more dangerous, that’s why is easy to administer and understand how much you administered with products from Hilma Biocare.

The results are the same, they may be different only based on the amount of testosterone of each compound that you use.

  • Another difference that can mentioned is the minimum administration frequency of each of these compounds. Whilst Test E should be used at least every 5 days, Sustanon can be administered at least every 3 days. Nonetheless, there are people using Testosterone Enanthate once a week whilst Sustanon used every 5 days. They may be used more frequently, but using them less frequently might not be enough to offer stable blood levels.

In the end, some people swear by Sustanon, others by Test E. Although there doesn’t seem to be almost any differences between the 2, some people still love a compound over another.

You may find them to be identical, yet you may find one of them to be better than other – that’s highly individual and different.

Regardless what’s your choice, you may find both of them here on our website where you can get the highest quality Testosterone compounds for sale, for the lowest prices you can find on the market.

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