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Clenbuterol is perhaps the most popular weight loss product out there.

It is an extremely popular and effective compound among bodybuilders and athletes for fitness goals. The compound is highly popular, chances are – you’ve met someone in your gym using Clenbuterol. This is an amazingly effective cutting PED that is mostly used for weight loss and fat burning purposes.

  • Since Clenbuterol, shortly Clen, is among the best products for shredding fat, it is quite obvious that it is widely used and mostly for cutting and weight loss purposes.

You shouldn’t use Clenbuterol attempting to grow muscles and strength. But it does wonders when you’re aiming at a dry and hard physique appearance.

What is Clenbuterol?


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In medical settings, Clenbuterol is actually a bronchodilator. Although it was prescribed to some patients in weight loss clinics, that’s off label use. Clenbuterol (Clen) is relaxing smooth muscles allowing for more air intake, therefore making breathing easier. That’s why Clen is prescribed to those who are suffering from asthma or other respiratory diseases.

But Clenbuterol is also a stimulant. It is a sympathomimetic that works on your Beta-2 receptors, thus is a Beta-2 agonist. Clenbuterol is a very powerful stimulant that stimulates your Central Nervous System. This leads to a boosted metabolism and increased core body temperature. Your body works faster and harder. Therefore, it demands more “fuel” to work. Clenbuterol makes your body burn more calories faster and convert them into energy. This leads to weight loss and energy boost.

That’s why people who were prescribed Clen noticed weight loss. That’s why lots of athletes use Clenbuterol due to its performance enhancing effects.

Clenbuterol Benefits

If you understand how stimulants work, you may have a better idea of what to expect from using Clenbuterol. There are 4 main benefits that people achieve from running a Clenbuterol cycle. There are many other benefits too. But when running Clenbuterol, you can expect the following:

  1. Improved Breathing

Clenbuterol is going to make your breathing much easier. It allows for more oxygen. Therefore you can work out longer and more efficiently.

  1. Burned Fat

Clen is best known for its ability to burn fat highly efficiently. Increased metabolism and various other things all aid in making you lose weight and shred fat.

  1. Increased Energy

As mentioned, this is a stimulant. Exactly like all other stimulants, Clen increases energy levels. That’s very helpful for athletes searching to train harder and more often.

  1. Preserved Muscle

Clenbuterol is having some slight anabolic and anti-catabolic effects. That’s because of its ability to preserve proteins within muscles. It helps you maintain lean tissues during strict diets.


Clenbuterol Cycle

Because this compound is working on your Beta-2 receptors, it doesn’t take too long until your body gets used to its effects. Therefore, the 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off method of running the Clenbuterol cycle is by far the most popular.

Here is the Clenbuterol dosage per day by week

  1. 20 mcg
  2. 40 mcg
  3. OFF
  4. OFF
  5. 40 mcg
  6. 60 mcg
  7. OFF
  8. OFF
  9. 60 mcg
  10. 80 mcg

This is just an example of the Clenbuterol cycle. Adjust dosages according to how you feel.

  • Never get over doses of 120-140 mcg/day and always start with lower dosages of 10-20 mcg/day.

Often, the Clenbuterol cycle is a part of a steroid cycle too. But you can use it alone too. Women can stack it too, but they shouldn’t exceed 80-100 mcg/day.


Clenbuterol Side Effects

Being a powerful stimulant, it is quite obvious that it might have powerful stimulant effects. Some of them might lead to negative side effects. Be aware that abusing Clenbuterol might lead to life-threatening effects. Especially if you’re already suffering from some pre-existing health issues, mainly related to heart or blood issues.

That’s because Clen is notorious for causing heart related issues and hypertension.

Anyway, some of the most commonly reported side effects include:

  • Anxiety
  • Sweating
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Muscles cramps
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart issues
  • Tremors
  • Vomiting
  • Other stimulant related issues

Please, be careful with Clenbuterol – this is not a compound that you can use recklessly.

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In the end, Clenbuterol can do wonders for your cutting cycles. Clenbuterol for weight loss is an amazing product with so many people having such a high success rate. Nonetheless, it can be dangerous if abused. That’s why you need to learn about this product as much as possible.

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Additionally, you’ve got to make sure you get real Clenbuterol. Especially when there are so many fakes and under-dosed compounds floating on the market.

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Fat Loss

Cytomel Side Effects

Cytomel is the brand name of the chemical substance Liothyronine Sodium that is the synthetic version of the thyroid hormone T3. In short, when you administer Cytomel or some other brand name containing Liothyronine Sodium, you are increasing your total T3 levels.

With this being said, there’s no other results you would receive than just increased T3 levels which leads to various benefits or various side effects. That’s why when you search for using Cytomel (or other brand names) you should not only check for the benefits, but for Cytomel side effects too.


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  • As said, using Cytomel you increase your T3 levels and that’s leading to hyperthyroidism which is the exact opposite of hypothyroidism – at least it leads to such side effects when the compound is abused.

That’s why is highly recommended to avoid high dosages of Cytomel because it makes you go into hyperthyroidism state which is having various negative effects.

Very high levels of T3 are stressing out the heart and that’s why it can be dangerous – one of the main reason why is so important to run proper dosages.

Some hyperthyroidism (Cytomel side effects) symptoms include:


  • Weight loss
  • Insomnia
  • Sensitivity to heat
  • Tremors of body
  • Increases or decreases in appetite
  • Stomach issues
  • Sweating
  • Headaches

There are other side effects too – so you have to be careful when running Liothyronine products.

Another Cytomel side effects worth mentioning is the fact that when you run it, the compound would suppress the natural production of Liothyronine T3 which means that if you abruptly stop its administration, your body doesn’t produce T3 on its own and you don’t use Liothyronine anymore. This may work the other way around and lead to hypothyroidism.

This is the reason why is important to plan the post use. A liothyronine PCT is important to make you feel fine.

That’s similar to anabolic steroids suppressing natural testosterone production and each cycle should be followed by a PCT.

More About Cytomel Side Effects

Cytomel (T3) is actually well tolerated by most users. In most situations, the Cytomel side effects are associated with the overdose of this compound, which means that the individual is giving the body too much of this hormone.

One of the prominent (but in the same time is a desired) Cytomel side effect is the increase in body temperature. That’s because when Cytomel (Liothyronine T3) is administered – that would increase the basal metabolic rate (BMR).

The more the metabolism is boosted, the more the increase in body temperature occurs and overall that’s leading to a faster and more efficient fat and weight loss.

This is the main reason why this is a desired adverse effect of Cytomel (and the main reason why many athletes and bodybuilders use it in the first place) and that’s because the increased body temperature is a good sign that the compound is doing its job in increasing the metabolic rate and that’s leading to many different benefits that an athlete and sportsmen requires.


In order to check if there are any increases in body temperature, is recommended to make an average of your body temperature throughout a few days in different situations (when waking up, throughout the day, when going to sleep) and then start the administration of Cytomel T3. In same manner and same amount of days – make an average of your body temperature.

If there’s absolutely no increase in the body temperature from the use of T3 that’s an indicator that something is wrong. It could be that either the dosage is too low, product is fake or worse – you’re having some issue at the cellular level in terms of proper function of T3.

But remember that there are many other possible Cytomel side effects. Some other common side effects can be irregular heart beat or some issues with your heart. That’s why is so important to avoid abuse.

  • Remember that T3 is not a stimulant, although some hyperthyroidism symptoms are similar to those of stimulants.

Is extremely important to remember that acute overdose of Cytomel T3 can be life threatening too. Use Liothyronine in a responsible manner to stay away from the worst possible negative effects.


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After you learned about Cytomel side effects and after learning how to properly use it, you can start the buying process.

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Fat Loss

Clenbuterol Pills For Sale

Clenbuterol pills are considered very popular and widely used both in athletic and bodybuilding world as a very powerful compound when it comes to shredding body fat and losing weight. Its full name is Clenbuterol Hydrochloride (HCL) but many people call it simply Clen.

Customers need to know that Clenbuterol is not actually a steroid or a hormone, therefore is not going to touch your hormonal system. Pretty much like Albuterol, Clenbuterol is actually a bronchodilator in nature, which means that its main use is for treatment of breathing disorders such as asthma or other respiratory issues.

Clen is also used in veterinary settings for treating horses and other animals as a decongestant. It also is given to cattle to help burn fat increasing fat free mass.


Yet, a lot of athletes and bodybuilders are using this compound for its amazing abilities of burning body fat and increasing energy levels. Clenbuterol is not approved for human consumption by the FDA, despite this fact, is still a very popular compound that is used by many people all over the world, including in USA, for the purpose of physique and performance enhancement.

  • In fact, Clenbuterol is also a very popular compound among Hollywood celebrities too for its fat shredding properties.

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What is Clenbuterol HCL?

Clenbuterol is actually a sympathomimetic and is stimulating the heart and central nervous system. Is a beta 2 agonist and therefore a stimulant – it helps the body to produce more adrenaline and epinephrine and is boosting basal metabolic rate.


With enhanced metabolism, individual’s body is turning calories into energy much faster and much efficiently. Is capable to burn calories faster because of increased body temperature, that’s why Clen is also a thermogenic compound too.

The main use of Clenbuterol pills are:

  • Fat burning
  • Anti catabolic effects
  • Boosts energy and mental activity
  • Has some appetite suppressant effects
  • Has some anabolic properties, allowing you to maintain muscles

How to Use Clenbuterol Pills?

There are 2 methods of running Clenbuterol pills:

  1. Continuously
  2. In rotation
  • The continuous cycle means that you don’t stop administering Clen – you just continue using it until you get the expected results or until the dosage gets too high.
  • The rotation method usually means the individual goes 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off the compound.

These methods are run this way because body is increasing tolerance to the compound and with time, Clenbuterol gets less effective. In both cases, we recommend to start with a low dosage and then slowly increase.

Clenbuterol dosage starts at 20 mcg a day, then is increased to about 140 mcg a day (200 mcg a day in rare instances for professionals) for men and up to about 80 mcg a day (100 mcg a day in rare instances) for women.


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Despite its legal status, you can still buy Clenbuterol pills for sale and you can do it directly on this site.

  • We warn you to use Clenbuterol properly to stay away from negative side effects, but with a proper use, most people would tolerate it well.

But then again, a proper use means that Clenbuterol is run in normal dosage and normal cycle, a proper diet and workout schedule is maintained and in addition to that – you get high quality Clen product.


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Fat Loss

Clenbuterol For Sale USA

In the industry of fitness and bodybuilding, Clenbuterol is a very famous compound that is known to be very effective at burning body fat and increasing lean muscle mass. Clenbuterol or shortly Clen is known to stimulate Beta-2 receptors therefore is a beta-2 agonist and a sympathomimetic amine.

This is a stimulant drug that is working by increasing your basal metabolic rate (BMR), working on your central nervous system (CNS) and that’s leading to increased heart beat rate and temperature of the body, which is why is considered a thermogenic product.


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  • In the end, Clenbuterol is known as a powerful weight loss compound, despite the fact that is only approved for use in humans in European countries. Clenbuterol is approved in certain EU countries as a compound that helps making breathing easier (asthma drug), nonetheless, is banned to be used in humans by the USA FDA.

However, this doesn’t mean that the compound is not used in USA. In fact, is still very widely used in USA by lots of people for the purpose of losing body fat and overall helping with weight loss needs.

That’s especially after this drug has been mentioned to be used by many different celebrities in Hollywood such as actors, singers and many other famous people.

Notable names include: Victoria Beckham, Lindsay Lohan, Hugh Jackman, Britney Spears, possibly Sylvester Stallone and many others.

Clenbuterol has also been found in many different sportsmen in different sport fields at anti doping tests conducted by WADA.


All of this because Clenbuterol is not only helping at burning fat, but it has anabolic properties helping users to maintain lean muscle mass during low calorie diets and overall increase fat free body index as well as enhance performance, energy levels of the user and many other benefits.

Taken in consideration that this powerful thermogenic stimulant is having so many positive benefits and is used by so many people including professional athletes, bodybuilders and athletes, obviously is searched by millions of people, including USA, despite its legal status.

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But the problem is that is very hard for people to buy Clenbuterol. You can’t get it in your local drugstore since it requires a prescription to obtain in certain countries where is still approved, but is banned altogether in USA, making it even harder for US residents to buy Clenbuterol for sale.

Luckily, there are online markets like this one where you can buy Clenbuterol for sale even in USA.

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You may have learned about Clenbuterol uses and benefits, but we highly recommend our customers to learn about how to use Clenbuterol too, without a proper administration there’s a chance you would get some pretty nasty side effects. Clenbuterol side effects can be bad, taken in consideration that it affects your CNS. So, research about Clenbuterol dosage and cycle as much as possible, before actually buying it.

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Fat Loss

Clenbuterol Side Effects

Clenbuterol is a very famous product that is capable to offer mind blowing results in terms of fat burning and weight loss purposes. Lots of people results improve that Clenbuterol, often shortly called Clen, is an extremely helpful product for such needs.

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You can even search for Clenbuterol before and after results and you are going to see lots of men and women who significantly changed their body appearance allowing them to get way less fat and become much more vascular.

Here is a good example of how helpful Clenbuterol can be:


As much as we can see, Clenbuterol is amazing in terms of benefits. Nonetheless, the compound is having the “dark side” too. That side is made of side effects, some of which are only bothersome, but others are even dangerous.

That’s why is extremely important to learn about Clenbuterol dosage and Clenbuterol cycle first of all. If you don’t know what to do and how to use it properly, you may receive some really bad Clenbuterol side effects too.

The side effects can be very serious and even dangerous by abusing Clen and not knowing how to properly use it. According to lots of people’s reports, reviews and testimonials – Clenbuterol is considered one of the strongest fat burning compounds in existence.

Whilst that’s very good because you can lose body fat with it, being such a powerful compound means that the side effects can be dangerous either and they can be very profound. So I doubt that there’s anyone who would risk using Clenbuterol carelessly after finding out that Clen works on your Central Nervous System (CNS). Or at least, you would understand the importance of learning about the side effects and how to use Clenbuterol.

If you don’t believe me, you may believe scientists who reported there were acute poisoning from using Clenbuterol by using this link – Anyway, let’s check some of the most common side effects associated with the use of Clenbuterol:

Common Clenbuterol Side Effects

  • Insomnia
  • Tremors (hand shakes or even body tremors)
  • Excessive sweating, especially during the night
  • Increased blood pressure (hypertension)
  • Heart palpitations and other heart related issues like irregular heart beats etc.
  • Headaches (which can be super strong)
  • Anxiety that can be really bad, especially if you were anxious before
  • Higher body temperature
  • Muscle cramps
  • Stomach issues
  • Nausea

There are many other side effects associated with the use of Clenbuterol. However, these are the most commonly reported side effects of Clenbuterol – there may be many others.

Controlling Clenbuterol Side Effects

Is good to know that Clenbuterol side effects are directly related to the dosage. If you are not going to abuse it – side effects are not going to be too bad.

If you would start slowly and increase slowly – the side effects can be controlled. If you reduce the dosage or completely stop using it – the side effects would be reduced or completely stopped.

But there are also other ways how to avoid or control the side effects. The first ones is the dosage so you should learn how to properly dose Clenbuterol. But except for that, Clenbuterol is known to deplete taurine and potassium. This is the reason why is highly recommended to supplement with taurine and potassium.

For example, you could use 2-5 grams a day of Taurine and eat 1-3 bananas per day for potassium (or other foods rich in potassium).

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If you start with Clenbuterol slowly and allow your body to build up enough tolerance to the product – side effects are rarely a problem. But if you attempt an abuse – you may find the side effects from Clen are too dangerous.

Start slowly, work out and eat clean alongside with the supplements recommended would keep side effects at bay. Also, make sure to buy high quality Clenbuterol in order to avoid any additional issues, best quality Clen can be found at

Fat Loss

Clenbuterol Cycle

Clenbuterol, being one of the most famous products for fat loss purposes, is a product that has been experimented by lots of different people. Therefore, it has been determined that there are lots of different Clenbuterol cycles.

Some people find Clen working better for them when taken in a special way. Others find that this medicine is best working for them when taken other way. What’s the perfect Clenbuterol cycle then?

There is not a perfect Clenbuterol cycle for everyone. Instead, through trial and failure, you may find the perfect Clenbuterol cycle for yourself personally. You need to buy Clenbuterol and start using it. You would get a feeling of what is working best for you.

  • However, before you actually do that, read this Clenbuterol article where you can find some of the most valuable information about Clenbuterol cycle.

To obtain best results, use best quality Clenbuterol which you can get manufactured by Hilma Biocare from our website for cheapest price.

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Clenbuterol Administration

As said, there are lots of different variants of how you can cycle Clen. By doing some research, you can find that most people are using Clenbuterol anywhere from about 2 weeks up to about 10 weeks. There seem to be other people who are using the compound for even longer than this.

However, longer cycle length requires experience and knowledge. And sometimes it may require you to add anti histamines to keep it working. That’s because Clen is deregulating beta 2 receptors and with longer use, it could become a problem, making Clen less effective. Anti histamines like Ketotifen or Benadryl may help you to keep it working. That’s one of the possible scenarios.

Another important thing to mention here is that you need to have a body fat % of about 15% or even lower in order to see the best results. If you have higher body fat %, you may not get as good results.


Is extremely important to be very careful when using Clenbuterol, administering more than you can handle may end up in nasty side effects.

  • Do not increase the dosage of Clen if you are not sure that it would work well for you. Is highly important to start with a low dosage if that’s the first time of you using Clen. That’s going to be around 20 mcg per day.
  • According to the researches done, most people are build up a Clenbuterol dosage per day of around 100-120 mcg daily. But everyone is reacting differently so there may be someone with higher tolerance, others with lower tolerance.

Is highly important to remember that Clenbuterol depletes Taurine and is highly recommended for you to supplement with it.

Is also highly recommended to add Potassium and Electrolytes, you may also add other supplements too.

Clenbuterol Cycle

An extremely famous Clenbuterol cycle is: 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off method. Here is how this cycle looks like:

You start with 20 mcg a day and you increase with 10 mcg per day every third day for the first week. Then with 20 mcg per day every third day for the second week. This means:

  • Day 1-2 = 20 mcg
  • Day 3-4 = 30 mcg
  • Day 5-6 = 40 mcg
  • Day 7-8 = 50 mcg
  • Day 9-10 = 70 mcg
  • Day 11-12 = 90 mcg
  • Day 13-14 = 100-110 mcg

Then you’ve got to stop for another 2 weeks. You shouldn’t be using any Clenbuterol at all. After that, start all over again. Do it for about 3 times.

Clenbuterol by Hilma Biocare

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But that’s just an example. There is another Clenbuterol cycle for men. For example.

  • Week 1 = 20 mcg per day
  • Week 2 = 40 mcg per day
  • Weeks 3-4 = no Clenbuterol
  • Week 5 = 40 mcg per day
  • Week 6 = 60 mcg per day
  • Weeks 7-8 = no Clenbuterol
  • Week 9 = 60 mcg per day
  • Week 10 = 80 mcg per day

Clenbuterol is often added during the cutting cycles by many steroid users alongside with cutting steroids like Anavar and/ or Winstrol.

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