Anavar Review – Extremely Universal and Versatile

Anavar is a steroid that is mentioned nearly everywhere when people talk about steroids. The compound is extremely famous and if you’ve ever searched about steroids – you most likely heard about it. Now, I will give you this Anavar review that, helpfully, is going to be helpful for anyone who simply want to find more information about it or actually want to administer it.

The reason why Anavar is so popular and discussed is because this is one of the most universal and versatile steroid that you can find. You may have heard that this is a cutting steroid, but is often called one of the best cutting steroids.

Is this true? Or Anavar is just hype?

That’s what you may be wondering when hearing about it. But reading some more you may wonder if is true that you could burn a lot of fat in the time that you’re going to look like a fitness model and get the strength of a powerlifter?

Some people assume that’s all fake as it can’t be true, others are really looking into it. Regardless in which category you are, I’ve used Anavar myself and I will give my Anavar review, sharing everything and what you can expect from using it (based on my personal experience, my research on it as well as other people’s reports).

In short, this Anavar review is going to offer the answer to the most important questions about it and this article, again, hopefully, would be helpful for those who want to find out more about it.

First thing to mention is that Anavar is an extremely famous steroid, is very popular all around the world. Lots of bodybuilders, fitness guys and women, every day men and women, beginners of steroids and veterans, simple gym goers and even celebrities – all are known to use this steroid. They buy Anavar online and that’s in an attempt to get a better body look, increase performance and strength and generally enhance performance and physique levels.

Anavar is one of the most discussed and famous steroids for such needs and while this is not a magic compound that will magically help you lose fat and grow muscles watching TV, there are definitely good reasons why the compound remains so famous and widely used.

If you’re among those who want to start using Anavar, we recommend 2 most important things – learn how to administer it properly, and learn where to get real Anavar of high quality. You definitely won’t love to get fakes or counterfeits and you definitely wouldn’t want to pay too much.

What is Anavar?

Anavar is an orally active anabolic and androgenic steroid (AAS) with the active substance Oxandrolone. Any other steroid containing high quality Oxandrolone is referred to the same Anavar, the only difference is just the brand/ trade name. However, everyone still calls it Anavar as is the first brand and it remains the most famous brand / trade name of Oxandrolone.

Anavar, that is often shortly called Var by many bodybuilders and steroid users is extremely famous and widely used for bodybuilding purposes.

However, the compound is also used in medical settings for various medical conditions. Is used as a prescription drug to people that are suffering from HIV / AIDS wasting conditions, helping those recovering from severe burns or injuries as well as many other conditions.

The compound appeared many years ago and although is used as a prescription drug, it cannot be used for physique and performance enhancement. That’s why it can be found only online. That’s why I recommend to make sure you’re purchasing Anavar from reliable sources such as

Anavar sold by Hilma Biocare is offered by the brand name with the same active substance – Oxandrolone.


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Anavar (Oxandrolone) is considered a relatively mild steroid when comparing to many other steroids, especially for example with Anadrol (Oxymetholone) or Trenbolone. However, is still considered super effective for physique and performance enhancement.

The compound is orally active so is easy to administer and is also mild, so is not as dangerous in terms of side effects, that’s all while remaining effective. That’s why Anavar is so universal and versatile.

Anavar is known to be the best steroid for women. Is the most famous (top 1) and most popular steroid for use in women.

Also, the compound is used by men too, its mildness makes it one of the best for beginners who want to use steroids, but is also very appreciated by professionals as is super helpful. Because Anavar doesn’t cause water retention and helps with burning fat, but in the same time boosts muscle mass growth and strength levels with overall performance enhancement – Anavar is also used in both bulking and cutting cycles too. That’s why, it can be stacked with almost any given steroid of your choice.

As much as we can see Oxandrolone (Anavar) has many various uses and can be taken by nearly anyone. Is no wonder that Var got such a famous and widely used and discussed AAS.

Anavar Side Effects

Anavar is extremely helpful and therefore widely popular. Part of its popularity is because is not as dangerous, yet, before continuing further, let’s check the dark side of Oxandrolone.

Despite the fact that Anavar is considered a mild steroid and one of the most user friendly steroids in terms of side effects, the compound is still capable to offer some negative side effects. In fact, most of the side effects of Anavar that you would read below, are common side effects of other steroids.

What’s the difference then, you may wonder? The difference is that the likeness of the side effects occurrence as well as the intensity of side effects even if they appeared is going to be much lower compared to other steroids.

The most commonly reported and likely to happen include:

  • Suppression of natural testosterone production
  • Hair loss (male pattern baldness)
  • Acne (Oily skin which leads to black/white heads and pimples)
  • Liver strain (liver hepatotoxicity)
  • Negative effects on cholesterol (increases LDL cholesterol levels)
  • Hypertension (Increases blood pressure)

Almost all of these side effects can be very well controlled, it highly depends on how exactly you would administer Anavar. There are 2 side effects that I would like to discuss separately:

Decline in Libido

Despite the fact that there are other more possible side effects than the loss of libido side effect when talking about Anavar, I still consider that this is the main side effect of this steroid. That’s because those other side effects are mostly going to be mild and they can be well tolerated but the decline in libido is very bothersome and although it also can be avoided and controlled, you should watch out for it.

  • According to what I’ve researched it does looks like this side effect would set it from the 6th week onwards. Is very unlikely that it would occur faster and is quite unlikely that it won’t occur after 8 weeks administration. This is one of the reasons why people use Anavar in the range of 4-8 weeks and very rarely using it longer – doing so would increase the risks of negative side effects.

From what I have noticed during my experience with Anavar as well as from other people’s reports, it does seems like everything is still going to work pretty well in terms of performance boost, however, a lot of people simply lose their sex drive.

While this is an obvious side effect for most people, it could actually work to your advantage, say, for example, you do not have a partner or you don’t want to waste your energy and testosterone anywhere else than gym.

In fact, the loss of libido side effect is something quite common to a lot of steroids, not only Anavar. The reason is that Anavar, as many other steroids, are suppressing natural testosterone production and this is what leads to loss in libido.

But as it was mentioned, although Anavar (Oxandrolone) offers almost all common side effects of all other steroids, it does it at a lower rate, meaning that is safer. It applies for testosterone production.

According to the studies done on Var, it seems like the compound suppresses the testosterone levels by around 65% or so, that’s much better compared to most other anabolic steroids out there since they are known for totally suppressing the testosterone production.

Thanks to a milder suppression, you are not going to get the worst side effects associated with shutting down the hormone production and you’re also going to recover back much faster too.


In the end, there’s still methods how you could avoid the loss of libido negative effect if you get it and bothers you. Most people are adding a form of testosterone (at your choice) to the Anavar cycle and this is going to maintain high testosterone levels during your cycle which would reverse the loss of libido side effect and others that are associated with this problem.

Liver Toxicity (Hepatotoxicity)

As mentioned, there are 2 side effects that I wanted to discuss and liver toxicity is the second.

Anavar (Oxandrolone) is orally active steroid and as most other orally active steroids – is liver toxic. This means that administering the steroid is going to be quite hard for your liver as it would elevate your liver enzymes. That’s because most orally active steroids (not only steroids) are C17 alpha alkylated. This alkylation is what allows the compound to survive the liver without being destroyed and can be absorbed by the body.

There are injectable steroids that are hard for the liver too but this is the most common issue for oral steroids including Anavar (Oxandrolone).

Liver toxicity may be a problem, but it may not be an issue at all with Anavar. It depends on various factors. If you’re a person who previously had or still have liver issues then you may be worried. If you’re sure your liver is healthy and you use Anavar properly – is extremely unlikely you would have any issues.

Anavar’s hepatotoxicity, as any other side effects, is much milder compared to other steroids and that’s why is so unlikely you would get any issues. Due to its mildness, a lot of people aren’t worried about this side effect as liver is a tough organ which is capable to fully recover and heal itself between cycles when your body rest.

But there’s the other side of the coin when you should be worried. Like for example, administering the compound alongside with other liver toxic compounds (it could be other steroids, OTC medication, alcohol or other substances) could become a problem. That’s because you take too much that is causing too much strain to your liver. Or it could be Anavar alone, but taken in abusive dosages or for way too much time – that’s going to be a problem.

  • In case you are already having pre existing liver issues or if you’re an alcohol lover and you won’t be able to abstain then Anavar or any other steroids (at least hepatoxic) are not something that I would recommend.

Also, is very often recommended to add some supplements for such needs. There are liver protective compounds that can greatly help. There are a lot of them, Liver Stabil, N2Guard, Milk Thistle are only a few to name. They would make sure that your liver enzymes would be healthy when you have a proper use of the steroid.

Buy Anavar For Sale

Anavar is an extremely famous steroid that is used nearly by anyone who is searching for steroids. In fact, there are people who seem to be so attracted by its high popularity, high effectiveness (for burning fat and getting shredded) combined with rather mild side effects and easy form of administration that people who never planned using any steroids ended taking Anavar.

However, the big problem is that Anavar is highly faked and counterfeited due to its high popularity. There are scammers who sell fake Anavar, under dosed, under quality, over priced or those that sell supplements given as Anavar, claiming those are compounds working the same as Anavar without side effects.

We warn you that this is not true, nothing works like Anavar, and anything offering no side effects at all, offer no benefits at all too.

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There are lots of scammers, but there are a lot of trustworthy and reliable online steroid sellers. Make sure you do your homework before buying because unfortunately, there’s a high chance that you won’t get real Anavar and that’s why you may think the compound is worthless, but that’s because you get a fake.

Use our site to make sure you won’t get scammed.

Anavar Benefits and Results

You may have heard about Anavar (Oxandrolone) but you may not be too sure how it works and what it does. I won’t share the full list of benefits because there are way too much of them. Anavar is boosting a lot of processes in the body that help to grow muscles, increase strength, get leaner, burn fat and so on and so forth so there’s no point in sharing them all.

Some that are notable are: protein synthesis boost, tremendous nitrogen retention effect, puts protein to good use and makes sure your body gets the maximum out of foods you eat without allowing you to add fat from them.


In the end, the most common and most visible results that you’re going to get from proper use of Anavar would be:

  • Burning body fat
  • Increasing strength
  • Improves conditioning
  • Builds lean muscle (which is moderate in men and very strong in women).

Vascularity and Pumps

As said, Anavar is just perfect when talking about its fat burning properties, but that’s not everything great about Var. The steroid is also greatly going to help to bring out vascularity and is going to be very helpful at aiding you to achieve huge pumps in the gym during your workouts.

Your muscles might look much bigger and fuller than they did before because Anavar is getting rid of the water that was maintained in between the muscle and your skin. The “puffy” muscle effect would slowly start disappearing offering your muscles a “defined” look because your muscle definition and density would start increasing.

As a result, your veins is going to be pushed up to the surface where they would be much more visible and that’s how you get a really good looking vascularity that a lot of men dream about. Your overall physical appearance is going to be much better as you are going to look much more ripped.

Best part is that you would notice Anavar working from the first days and within the first week of administering it – you would see the first results.

Anavar is purely perfect because it also offers you pumps and it does it because the water retention doesn’t happen in between muscles and skin, that offers the puffy look, but is great since it offers water retention inside of your muscles, helping them grow more and more. This is not the usual water retention making your muscles look smooth and puffy, is the good one which allow you to grow but in the same time looking very dry, overall hard and full with muscles.


While you are running Anavar, make sure that your muscles would look really pumped, with an amazing effect, that’s why is so often used pre contest when a bodybuilder or an athlete is preparing for a show or something in this matter. That’s because you get pumped muscles even when you’re not in the gym.

Anavar Dosage

Anavar is an orally active steroid and that’s why it comes in form of tablets. You need to use the tablets on a daily basis taken in consideration that Oxandrolone has a half life of around 9-10 hours.

In order to maintain a stable blood level, is often recommended to split up the total daily dose in 2 even halves, taken every 12 hours. If you use 50 mg a day, use 25 mg in the morning, and 25 mg 12 hours later.

  • Remember what was earlier mentioned – cycle length with Anavar is anywhere between 4 up to 8 weeks maximum. Do not use it for longer periods.

Use the steroid properly, don’t abuse it, learn how to do it and start slowly, then increase when you need more. All steroid cycles including the one with Anavar are recommended to be run with cycle supporting supplements and ancillaries as well as to run a PCT plan at the end of the cycle.

Usually, dosages of Anavar are anywhere between 30 mg up to about 100 mg. Most people seem to stop at 50 mg a day. There are some people who report not gaining too much on Anavar. It could be due to multiple reasons – too low dosage, too high tolerance to steroids (especially if they previously used others), Anavar is not for gaining muscles but for getting shredded, or they got fake Anavar.


Getting on a dosage of 80 mg a day you would notice very significant fat loss and strength gains with an overall crazy shredding effect.

Anavar Vs Winstrol

There are a lot of people who compare Anavar (Oxandrolone) to Winstrol (Stanozolol) taken in consideration that both are orally active steroids, both very helpful for cutting cycles, both help to burn fat, none convert into estrogen (since both are DHT derived steroids) etc.

They are actually different. Some people say that Winstrol is better than Anavar as a cutting steroid since it greatly helps to burn fat and you would build more muscles on Winstrol. Yes that’s true, Winstrol is a stronger steroid and you may notice stronger effects on it.


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But don’t forget that Anavar is a mild steroid and that’s why, you are much less likely to receive side effects. With Anavar, you won’t get the harsh side effects as you may get with Winstrol (especially on the joints). Other than that, Anavar is going to make your muscles look fuller too.

In the end, they are both amazing cutting steroids and both very famous, which one to choose depends on your ultimate goals and which one better suits up with your needs.

Anavar Review Conclusion

I’ve been using Anavar and I’ve done extensive research about this compound, how it works, how to take and so on and so forth. Based on all of that, here are a few things that I can mention about this compound:

  • Oxandrolone would work very well at doses of 50 mg a day, and it will offer crazy results at 80 mg dosage, but make sure you reach such a dosage when you’re have enough experience with it under your belt.
  • Losing weight with Anavar is going to be permanent, at least as long as you keep on dieting.
  • Anavar is much milder compared to many other steroids, that’s why side effects are less likely to occur and they would be much milder even if they do.
  • Very often, Anavar (Oxandrolone) is stacked with other steroids in order to enhance effectiveness as well as with testosterone for preventing loss of libido and offering boosted efficacy.
  • Anavar is extremely famous and widely used, that’s the reason why is often counterfeited – in order to make sure you get high quality steroid that actually works, make sure you buy from reliable sources only. is the best source to get Anavar for sale of the best quality and lowest price.

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