Primobolan Enanthate

Primobolan Enanthate is one of the 2 versions of Primobolan that is also known as Primobolan Depot. The second version is oral Primobolan Acetate. The difference between these 2 versions of Primobolan is in the method of administration: Primobolan Depot (also known as Primobolan Enanthate) is the liquid (oily based solution) that should be administered in the form of injection, whilst the second oral Primobolan Acetate is coming in form of pills which should be administered orally by mouth.

In both versions, the active substance is Methenolone. Primobolan is first and therefore a famous brand of Methenolone, but Hilma Biocare is offering it as brand without changing the active substance name – Methenolone.

Methenolone Enanthate by Hilma Biocare

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This is an androgenic and anabolic steroid that is was created and is still used in medical settings for helping patients with various health conditions such as severe weight loss, prevent muscle wastage and various others.

Nonetheless, Primobolan is also very famous in bodybuilding settings, both for male and female athletes to encourage increased lean muscle mass, avoid muscle loss, enhanced fat burning process and many other benefits.

Primobolan Enanthate known as Primobolan Depot containing Methenolone Enanthate is the most famous version of Primo for bodybuilders, compared to oral version of Primobolan (Methenolone Acetate). That’s because the oral version is considered way milder and should be administered in way higher doses.

Primo is so popular because of its mildness, it has mild anabolic effects combined with very low androgenic properties, non toxic and cannot aromatize into estrogen.

Therefore, is great both for men and women.


Primobolan Enanthate is having a half life of 7-13 days (the injectable version) whilst oral Primobolan is having a half life of only 4-6 hours. That’s why injectable is more popular.

  • Another fact that makes Primobolan such a famous anabolic steroid is the fact that a lot of legendary bodybuilders used the compound to reach Mr Olympia title, and the most notable one to mention is Arnold Schwarzenegger.

How Primobolan Depot Works?

There are various different ways that Primobolan is working. Per example, the compound is binding to the androgen receptors – mostly found in your muscles and bones. As a result, the anabolic steroid is going to result in: primobolan-enanthate-man-physique

  • Boosted red blood cells count extremely important for growing lean muscle mass.
  • Dramatic improve in nitrogen retention which makes sure that you would stay away from catabolic state, meaning you won’t lose muscles.
  • Increased protein synthesis, which makes you add lean muscle mass.
  • Is having a strong binding affinity to androgen receptors that is increasing metabolic rate and boosted fat loss processes.
  • Is also amazing at enhancing the immune system, the reason why is often given to people suffering from AIDS.
  • Is having mild androgenic nature which is not going to offer nasty side effects in terms of androgenic activity.
  • Improves active as well as total testosterone and that’s because is increasing SHBG as well as LH.
  • Is not going to be liver toxic
  • The performance and physique enhancement boosts would last for months, unlike as with other steroids that usually disappear within weeks.
  • Greatly burns body fat, increases metabolism and immune system. Offers a ton of energy.
  • Is amazing at improving muscle recovery as well as endurance of muscles.

Primobolan Enanthate Dosage and Cycle

It seems like the most common dosage of Primobolan Depot for men is in the range of 400 and 800 mg per week. Although, doses over 600 mg weekly are only recommended to people with vast experience whilst doses of 200-400 mg are recommended to beginners.

Women are generally recommended to go for oral Primobolan version, but if they use Primbolan Depot, dosage should be in the range of 50-100 mg per week maximum.

Women cycle length is maximum 6 weeks, for men is 8 weeks.

Women are not recommended longer cycle lengths, and men, although not recommended longer cycle lengths either, some experiment and receive good enough results.

Methenolone Enanthate by Hilma BiocareThe compound is stacked very well with many other compounds, especially when talking about cutting cycles.

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