Halotestin – Fluoxymesterone

Halotestin is perhaps the most powerful oral steroid that you will ever be able to find on the market. Yet, it may not be so popular as other steroids. That’s because this compound is unique and should be used carefully and for specific purposes. Being so powerful means that it is more dangerous than other steroids too.

That’s why, if you do plan to use Halotestin – we recommend you to have some experience with other steroids first.

The active substance is Fluoxymesterone while Halotestin is the oldest and most popular brand. The compound was developed many years ago for treating testosterone deficiencies and delayed puberty in boys.

Halotestin in Bodybuilding

As much as you can guess, Halotestin (or shortly Halo) is not used for treating testosterone deficiency only. A lot of athletes and bodybuilders are using this orally active steroid for physique and performance enhancement purposes. This compound is capable of completely transforming the physique of the user and helps you achieve an IFBB pro look.

Fluoxymesterone has been proven very effective at treating patients suffering from muscle atrophy, bone fractures, malnourishment, etc. Therefore, bodybuilders and athletes realized it could be very helpful for their needs either.

Those people who use Halotestin are not going to grow muscles as much as they would on other bulking compounds. However, you’re still going to become bigger. Yet, the true wonder of Halo is the fact that you get super dry muscles and you’re becoming way more powerful.


Halo helps you gain some very dry muscles, offering an overall hard physique appearance with an extreme strength boost. Individuals report great effects with impressive physique changes after a short period of running Halotestin.

This is an orally active anabolic steroid that is offering amazing results in terms of muscle strength, power, and size.

Halotestin (Fluoxymesterone) is also helpful at losing body fat while adding muscles. The compound is mostly used for cutting purposes but is sometimes used for bulking. Although, as mentioned, you won’t add as many muscles as you would on aromatized bulking steroids.

Halotestin Dosage


Halotestin dosage for men is anywhere between 10 mg and 40 mg a day. Never get over 40 mg a day as you’re likely to go into an abusive area. Is recommended to start at 10 mg a day and most people stop at 20 mg or 30 mg daily.

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Halotestin for women is not recommended at all! Very high chances of nasty virilizing side effects.

Halotestin is used with a testosterone base compound in most cases. It also can be used with cutting compounds too. We do not recommend using oral steroids with Halo due to liver toxicity and no powerful compounds like Trenbolone to stay away from side effects.

Halotestin Cycle

Again, remember that Fluoxymesterone is a compound mostly used for cutting needs to burn fat. So is mostly used pre contest. But is also used by powerlifters and strongmen to get their strength levels enhanced.

Most cycles with Halotestin stop at 4 weeks. Never go over the 6 weeks mark.

Halotestin should be used on a daily basis (twice per day, like in the AM and in the PM, due to short half life).

A beginner Halotestin cycle would run 10-20 mg a day for 4 weeks.

An intermediate Halotestin cycle would be 20-30 mg a day for 4-6 weeks.

Professionals adjust their dosage according to their experience and needs.


Halotestin (Fluoxymesterone) Side Effects

Because this is one of the most powerful steroids you can ever find on the market – is also one of the nastiest in terms of side effects.

Because the side effects are too bad for some people, many may discontinue its use completely.

In the end, to avoid side effects, start slowly and never increase the dosage if you are not sure you can tolerate it. Add liver protection and always run a PCT plan after the Halotestin cycle.

There are lots of different side effects but those we recommend you to watch even more closely are:

  • Liver Toxicity
  • Nausea
  • Reduced libido
  • Androgen related issues
  • Testosterone suppression

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