Masteron Cycle

Before we’re going to talk in detail about the Masteron cycle, you should first know that DrostanoloneMasteron is not a good anabolic steroid when you’re in a bulking cycle or when it is taken alone.

With this being said, you should know that:

  • Masteron shouldn’t be used on its own (only as a part of a stack with other steroids)
  • Masteron is a poor choice if you search for mass-gaining purposes

There are a lot of other steroids that are much better for packing on muscle mass. And Drostanolone – Masteron always should be stacked with other compounds because:masteron-drostanolone-propionate-odin-pharma

  • It has the ability to enhance the efficiency of other steroids since it strongly binds to SHBG.
  • Can help lower aromatization offered from wet steroids (like Testosterone).
  • It is mild (low anabolic and androgenic activity) so not as effective alone.

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The Masteron cycle should be made up at least of Testosterone + Drostanolone. Very often Masteron cycles are used with Testosterone and one or multiple cutting steroids such as Trenbolone, Anavar, Primobolan, or Winstrol.

A truly amazing Masteron cycle for those who are serious about their cutting and pre-contest needs:

  • Masteron 600 mg weekly
  • Testosterone 300 mg weekly
  • Trenbolone 500 mg weekly

This is an example of an amazing cutting Masteron cycle, but it required the athlete to already have a great physique. This way you would get the muscles even harder and more visible would lose the last digits of body fat and greatly enhance vascularity.

Drostanolone – Masteron is best used when you’re already having a lean physique appearance. If there’s fat covering the muscles, you’ll get disappointed. That’s why Masteron is mostly considered a cosmetic drug.

Masteron Dosage

Masteron – Drostanolone only comes as an injection. Regardless of whether you go for Masteron Enanthate (long ester) or Masteron Propionate (short ester) dosage remains pretty much the same. The difference is in how often you should administer Masteron mostly. Cycle length could be different too.

Usually, for 8-10 weeks of Masteron cycles, people go for Propionate versions. Longer cycle lengths would go better with the Enanthate version.

The dosage of Masteron is between 300 mg and 1000 mg per week.

Rarely does someone use lower doses, only as a slight booster. Or higher dosage – might be attempted only by professionals with lots of experience.

  • The exact amount depends on your goals, experience, personal response to it, other steroid stacks, and so on and so forth.


Masteron Cycle For Beginners

By mentioning the Masteron cycle for “beginners”, we don’t mean those who never used steroids or those who never dieted or lifted. You should already know how to use steroids, how to have a good diet, and how to train before running a Masteron cycle. As mentioned, the more body fat you have, the more likely you are to be disappointed.

Other than that, if a person runs Drostanolone without any background about anabolic steroids, with only a little training and without a strict diet – you won’t get anything from its use. You’re going to waste your time and money and will be disappointed. Nevertheless, when everything’s done right, you’ll absolutely love it!

Usually, beginners start with Masteron and Testosterone only. Rarely, Masteron dosage is lower than that of Testosterone but can be slightly higher. Example:

1-8 Week: Testosterone Propionate EOD 100 mg

1-8 Week: Masteron Propionate EOD 100 mg

Masteron Cycle For Intermediate Users

These people already have experience with Masteron as well as multiple other steroids. However, they cannot be considered professionals due to a variety of reasons. Example: not enough experience or knowledge or never used higher doses.

These people usually run Drostanolone with Testosterone and may add a third steroid such as Winstrol or Primobolan. Example:

1-10 Week: Testosterone Enanthate 150 mg twice a week

1-10 Week: Masteron Propionate 75 mg a day

3-10 Week: Winstrol 30 mg a day


Masteron Cycle For Professionals

Only people who are absolutely sure what they are doing are considered professionals. Those who previously used Masteron many different times in different doses. Generally, professionals are those who experimented with many compounds at varying doses and they know what to expect from a cycle they are about to run.

Generally, they decide what is best for themselves. But as an example:

1-12 Week: Testosterone Enanthate 250 mg twice a week

1-12 Week: Masteron Propionate 100 mg every day or Masteron Enanthate 400 mg twice a week

3-12 Week: Trenbolone Acetate 75 mg a day

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