How Long Does Anavar Stay In Your System?

It seems like there are lots of people who seem to search for information about how long does Anavar stay in your system? In order to correctly answer this question, is important to understand why you’re asking this question.

Let me explain.

If you are searching for an answer because you are in a need to take a steroid test then you’re actually searching for information about how long would it take for Anavar to clear your system in order not to be tracked on anti doping/ steroid test.

  • That’s because it takes way longer for a steroid to clear out from the body in order not to be tracked compared to how long it takes for the active substance of a steroid (Oxandrolone, in our case) to get out of the body.

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When talking specifically about Anavar (or better said – Oxandrolone, because that’s the active substance in Anavar, but you may find Oxandrolone as many different brand names such as Hilma Biocare’s Oxandrolone, offering same results) – it doesn’t take too long until it flushes out of your system.

Anavar – Oxandrolone is an orally active steroid that is entering your system very fast and is getting flushed from the system fast too – is considered to be an anabolic steroid with the shortest time to remain in the body, that’s another advantage of Anavar, among many others.

For How Long is Anavar Traceable?

Thinking about a steroid test – regardless if you’re requiring a job or you’re interested for the purpose of taking steroids and compete in various sport fields – Anavar is banned.

Good to know that for many jobs, the pre screens for drug use is something pretty common for employment. Nonetheless, many standard blood or urine panels are only aiming to detect common illegal street drugs and not steroids.

Nonetheless, there are still more complex tests that do detected anabolic steroids. And if you know you’re going to have an anti doping test for pre contest, you may be sure it traces Anavar too.

Luckily, Anavar is working very fast and is moving through the system very quickly, therefore the effects on the body would be short too. How-Long-Does-Anavar-Stay-In-Your-System-huge-muscles

Therefore, detectability timeframe for AnavarOxandrolone is believed to be anywhere between 2 to 6 weeks, but in most cases that’s up to maximum 4 weeks (one month).

Anavar Half Life

Nonetheless, we should have started by mentioning the half life of AnavarOxandrolone. That’s what it all depends upon. Plus to that, although Anavar is traceable on anti doping tests (drug tests) for about 4 weeks, it definitely doesn’t mean it would stay active in your body for that long.

  • The half life indicates the amount of time required for half of the amount of that product to be flushed from your body.

With this being said, if you administered 20 mg of Oxandrolone and Oxandrolone’s half life of 9-10 hours, then in about 10 hours you would only have left about 10 mg of active Anavar.

Nonetheless, is good to know that the half life time is different from a person to another. Although in most cases that’s 9-10 hours, depending on the age and liver health (mainly, but other factors too), the half life can be from 8 up to 13 hours or so.


In short, Anavar is going to stay active in your system for about 18-20 hours from your last dosage, but it remains traceable on anti doping and other drug tests for about 4 weeks or so.

Is good to know for how long Anavar stays in your system for various purposes except for staying away from getting detected. Based on the half life, you can have a better understanding how often the product should be administered, how long it takes to clear your system so you would know when to start a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan and various other helpful things.

Also, this is all true about Anavar as long as you get actual Anavar and not something else. Unfortunately, purchasing steroids you may end up with some different compounds than those you expected and paid for.


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