Liquid Anavar

Anavar is a very well known anabolic steroid that is commonly called shortly “Var” by many athletes and bodybuilders who use it for their physique and performance enhancement purposes. This compound is widely known for its amazing properties to help athletes to get a dry and hard looking physical appearance because the compound is helping to burn body fat and maintain lean muscle mass – with a proper diet and training regimen, can help grow lean muscle tissue.

The active substance is Oxandrolone and this compound was derived from DHT, was manufactured many years ago for the purpose of treating various medical conditions. Then later, the compound was discovered to be very helpful for purposes earlier mentioned so is still used nowadays in bodybuilding settings.


  • We all know that Anavar (Oxandrolone) comes in form of tablets/ pills – this is by far the most widely used form of Anavar, yet you may be surprised that there is also liquid Anavar too.

Nonetheless, you are not going to find any officially manufactured package and that’s because there is no pharma company that is going to manufacture liquid Anavar, regardless either is injection or to be taken orally by mouth.

Even when talking about liquid AnavarOxandrolone, most people still opt for oral liquid Anavar form instead of injectable form, simply because injecting is painful and awkward. Nonetheless, no liquid Anavar is manufactured and produced under proper manufacturing conditions. If you are absolutely sure you want to buy liquid Anavar, then you’ve got to have 100% trust in your “supplier” which is rarely the case.

Usually, liquid Anavar is a “homemade” solution which is usually containing much less Oxandrolone that is specified on the bottle, or it may contain no steroid Oxandrolone at all.

That’s why we highly recommend customers to buy Anavar tablets from reputable sources and pharmaceutical companies. For example, Anavar pills from this website are containing the exact amount of Oxandrolone as specified on the label.

That’s because Hilma BioCare is working exclusively under GMP standards and offer best quality products.


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With this being said, is important to understand that every time you’re attempting to use liquid Anavar, you are doing it at your own risk.

Most people searching for it, try to do it from the perspective of reducing the costs of the compound, however, is still not a great deal. So, you don’t only save anything, but you also risk.

That’s because usually, oral liquid Anavar is being produced whilst using genuine and real Oxandrolone pills, therefore, the making of the final product is going to be more expensive. If it’s less expensive, then is less dosage than pills. If you see an offer to get a cheap liquid Anavar, then that’s a sign that should warn you. There’s a high chance that you would receive a fake, and we definitely do not recommend to administer it.

Other than that, oral liquid Anavar has no advantages over pills. They might be faster absorbed (yet pills are quickly enough absorbed) but they still pass through the digestive system. Injectable liquid Anavar may not pass through the digestive system, but the injections are painful.


Risks of Using Liquid Anavar


The biggest problem with liquid Anavar is the fact that is not a product made by reputable pharma companies, therefore, the manufacturing of this product is not under the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Standards, and that’s rarely leading to a high quality production.

As a result, is quite obvious that this is raising questions about the quality of the ingredients that are used in the product and plus to that, about the “amount” of the ingredients used in that product.

There are reasons why reputable pharma companies do not produce liquid Anavar and those “manufacturers” of such products, as any others, obviously want to increase their profits, and the only way to do so is to use low quality materials and use low amount of Oxandrolone, or no Oxandrolone at all.

The fact that you may not use no Oxandrolone at all isn’t the worst scenario. You lose money and you don’t receive benefits, but that’s at all. There are the “dirtiest manufacturers” that mix up their “products” with ingredients that can be dangerous for the health.

That’s why is so important to avoid such products like liquid Anavar. Cheap options are usually useless, but worst – dangerous.


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