Winstrol Oral

Winstrol oral is definitely not a joke, this is a powerful anabolic steroid that would offer crazy effects in your body when used. Therefore, it can become your best friend making you look extremely good, but it also could be dangerous, it very much depends how you would use it, that’s because of its profound effects.

Winstrol is often called a “mild steroid”, however, be sure that the results that it could offer are definitely far from being called mild.

Winstrol comes both in form of injection and as pills (Winstrol oral), but since injections are rarely used (because injections are painful and have no advantage over Winstrol oral pills) we would talk about the oral form of Stanozolol – the active substance in this compound.

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Stanozolol – Winstrol oral pills are capable to change your physique completely, taking your body to an entire new world as long as you’re going to have a good mindset when talking about a proper diet and good training program. Winstrol oral (Stanozolol) is going to offer super fast results as they are entering the system in no time and start working immediately.

Winstrol Oral Explained

Winstrol oral pills (Stanozolol pills) are great when talking about cutting cycles because the compound is super effective at growing dry and lean muscles in the time of making you lose body fat and get out the excess of water from your body. Is also super effective when the user is going through low calorie diets in order to burn fat. That’s because it would speed up the progress and won’t allow the muscles to be burned throughout the process.

That’s all due to chemical structure of the active ingredient Stanozolol. Is DHT derived and cannot aromatize and is not considered an awesome mass builder or among the best bulking steroids. Although is sometimes used for such purposes, there are better options. Yet, is hard to find a better one when talking about cutting cycles.

Stanozolol burns body fat, works as a diuretic steroid, improves physical appearance, gains muscles and boosts strength levels.


Other than that, StanozololWinstrol oral pills are having a great ability to “activate” other steroids when stacked with it. That’s because of the compound’s property to strongly bind to a hormone that is making the steroid less effective called Sex Hormone Binding Globulin. Therefore, stacking Winstrol oral (Stanozolol) with other steroids is an amazing idea.

With a proper use of this anabolic steroid, especially when stacked with other steroids, the user is going to notice in a short period that their muscles are becoming way more pronounced, having a drier as well as harder look.

Is crucial to remember that the what type of results you would have greatly depends on you. Your diet, cycle, workout (training) program and so on and so forth. Without a correct training and dieting lifestyle, the entire use of Winstrol – Stanozolol is pointless, and it increases chances of side effects too.

How to Use Winstrol Oral?

Tablets of Stanozolol have a half life of 9 hours, that’s why the compound is used at least twice a day, but some people use it even more frequently like 3 times a day. This means that the total daily dosage should be split into even doses used throughout the day.


  • Stanozolol – Winstrol oral dosage per day is around 20-30 mg for beginners, 50 mg a day (sweet spot for most users) for advanced users and professionals may go to higher doses, but never exceed 100 mg daily.
  • A StanozololWinstrol cycle is going to last up to about 6 weeks. Beginners should stop at 4 weeks (and women) whilst cycles over 8 weeks are considered very dangerous.

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Except for workout and dieting, adding a PCT plan at the end of StanozololWinstrol cycle is mandatory to recover your hormone balance. Cycle supporting supplements and some products to protect your liver would be a great addition too. Do not forget that if you add other steroids to the stack, the effectiveness is increased.

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