Tbol Before And After

Tbol is the short name for the brand Turinabol and this is an effective and pretty popular androgenic and anabolic steroid used for physique and performance enhancement settings coming in form of oral pills. Turinabol is derived from Dianabol and that’s why they sound so similar – Dianabol = Turinabol (Dbol = Tbol).

  • Nonetheless, although they do have some similarities when talking about their structure, Tbol and Dbol are actually very different. They both come as oral pills, yet, the gains from Dbol are way different from the gains from Tbol.
  • For example, the gains from Dbol are much more and wet, with more side effects, gains from Tbol are dry with less side effects, but slower and not as much as from Dbol.


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In the end, here is a few Tbol before and after results so you could know what you can expect from using this anabolic steroid: Tbol-Before-And-After-resultsTbol-Before-And-After-transformation

These are only a few examples among many others. Turinabol is actually a very helpful compound capable to offer crazy results. You may check for other Tbol before and after results online and you would notice.

  • For example, what is shared up there you can see only the physical benefits. Nonetheless, Turinabol is also having a lot of performance benefits too which cannot be seen on photos.
  • For example, users of Tbol indicate that they are feeling way better, having a much better mood with overall much better confidentiality and motivation.

Users of Turinabol also suggest that their sexual performance and libido is enhanced too.

All in all, this anabolic steroid is going to help you to look much better, as much as we can see in the photos shared above with Tbol before and after results, but it would also make you feel a lot much better and would make you perform way better too.

Here’s more what you should know about Tbol before and after.

After 1 Week of Using Turinabol: Lean Muscles and Mood Enhancement

This anabolic steroid is going to offer various physical as well as psychological boosts in the first week of using it. Tbol is going to increase RBC, boost nitrogen retention as well as enhance the rate of protein synthesis, all leading to more lean muscle mass.

Other than that, the compound is going to make you feel like an alpha male. It would dramatically enhance your motivation and feeling of well being, with increased aggression. You would perform much better in gym and in bed too.

After 2 Weeks of Using Turinabol: Increased Endurance and Strength

When you would be your second week in running Turinabol, you would notice that the endurance levels are highly boosted as you are capable to lift weights for much longer time without getting tired. Or doing cardio way more and still feeling fine.

As an added bonus, you’re also going to get stronger too. This means that the lifts that you were used to are in the past because you can do much more money. The compound is going to make you add some extra lbs to your weights and you would retain the strength gains even after Tbol cycle.

After 3 Weeks of Using Turinabol: Vascularity and Pumps Increases

Turinabol is an anabolic steroid that is going to make you feel much better, but would allow you to look way better after 3 weeks of using it. That’s because you will get very good pumps both in gym and outside gym that are crazy good and in addition to that, you would also get increased vascularity too.

Tbol is the steroid that would greatly increase the dryness and vascularity to your muscles removing the “water ballooned” muscles and making you look dry and hard.


Turinabol helps you to gain lean muscle mass and helps to burn body fat. All along with all the physical and psychological benefits such as mood and motivation enhancement with vascularity and pumps, just imagine how a person is going to change. Tbol before and after results are amazing.


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