Turinabol Results

Is important to learn about an anabolic steroid before actually using it because there are different steroid users having very different needs and goals. There are a lot of different steroids and the one that we would talk about today is Turinabol.

We highly recommend to check Turinabol side effects, how to properly administer Turinabol as well as various other information before actually using it, but the one that we would pay more attention today is Turinabol results.

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That’s because, Turinabol results are very different from Dianabol results, despite the fact that Tbol derived from Dbol.

With this being said, people who are searching for fast and immense muscle mass growth would be disappointed by using Turinabol, they should better go for something like Dianabol.

Understanding Turinabol

Before you can expect anything from Turinabol, you should better understand it. For example, Turinabol is mild anabolic with a rating of 53, is almost no androgenic at all and it cannot aromatize into estrogen. Therefore, you get very mild to no androgenic activity, no estrogenic activity and some anabolic activity which helps you to build strength and muscles.


Other than that, this is an orally active steroid and that’s why is often called Oral Turinabol. This makes it be a C17 alpha alkylated compound that is liver toxic. But since is by far not as powerful as Dianabol, the compound is also much less hepatoxic.

Some effects that Turinabol is going to offer you includes;

  • Promoting recovery. The increased recovery rate is very important during the workout as well as after, to grow muscles. It occurs due to increased nitrogen retention and protein synthesis.
  • Is increasing lean muscle mass. You won’t increase as much as you would do on Dianabol, but some lean muscles addition with a proper diet is very possible.
  • Mind blowing effects when talking about burning body fat. Tbol is amazing for those who want to maintain lean muscle mass and lose body fat. It increases metabolism and body temperature allowing you to burn calories and fat, but in the same time, preserves muscles.
  • Less side effects. You may get some androgenic ones but less likely compared to other steroids. You will also get liver toxicity and testosterone suppression, but when used properly, that’s not going to be a problem.

Turinabol Results

Turinabol is best suited for those who want to go through a cutting and hardening cycle. It can be a good compound for bulking too, but only if added to other steroid cycles. For example, using Tbol and Dbol together. Tbol alone for bulking is not very helpful.

The results that you may get from Turinabol greatly depends on you and how you use it. With an improper use, you would receive side effects.

With a good use, you may burn fat and get shredded extremely efficiently.

The compound is going to help you to reveal the lean muscle tissue that is hiding under the fat layers because it burns body fat and is increasing lean muscles.


  • The compound is great for those who want to get in shape. It would dramatically transform your body, making you look aesthetic, ripped and shredded. That’s all different from Dianabol results that make you look huge, bloated and as big as is human possible.

Turinabol can also help people who carry way too much fat and are overweight. That’s because it would serve like a good “boost” in terms of making you stronger to continue working out, to make you less fat allowing you to see the desired results and plus to that, Tbol is known to offer mental boost. It would help boost confidentiality and give you the required mental mood that would make you continue pushing further, even when is hard.

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