Finasteride For Hair

Finasteride is a very popular compound for hair. That’s because it is perhaps the most effective compound for preventing and treating hair loss. It also helps with the regrowth of hair. The compound is FDA approved (as brand name Propecia including others) for treatment of male pattern baldness. That’s because it was proven very effective and fairly safe when used properly.

  • Finasteride for hair is the most popular use of this product. But it was firstly approved for the treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH).

Nowadays, except for being used for the treatment of androgenic alopecia (hair loss) and BPH, Finasteride can be used for other needs such as prostate cancer, excessive hair growth in women (hirsutism) as well as helping transgender women for their Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) in combination with other medications.

Nonetheless, by far the most popular use of Finasteride is for hair loss. In fact, most people know Finasteride only as a medication to treat or prevent hair loss.


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That’s why bodybuilders use the compound too – for hair loss prevention or treatment. That’s because anabolic steroids are known to speed up hair loss and they use the compound to save their hair.

Finasteride For Hair – How Does It Work?

Finasteride is an orally active medication known as a potent type II 5 Alpha-Reductase Inhibitor that is working by preventing testosterone from being converted into Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Therefore, the user of Finasteride is going to get a drop of serum DHT levels and according to studies that’s up to about 70% whilst the DHT levels in the prostate are reduced by up to 90%.

This is going to lead to an overall drop in androgen activity on the scalp because dihydrotestosterone is a very powerful androgen hormone. Since there’s less androgen activity in the scalp – fewer hair follicles are getting shrunk.

That’s why DHT is considered the enemy of head hair. The more DHT levels you have – the more likely you are to lose head hair. Since Testosterone and Dihydrotestosterone are found much more in men than women. That’s explaining why men are generally prone to hair loss rather than women.


Steroid Users and Finasteride For Hair

Why is Finasteride so popular among bodybuilders and other anabolic steroid users?

Very well, you should know that on average, in normal circumstances, approximately 5% of testosterone is being converted into DHT in males. When an anabolic steroid user runs the steroids, the levels of testosterone are getting boosted and therefore, levels of DHT are getting increased too.

In a way or another, all steroids are increasing levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) – some are doing it to a lesser extent, others are doing it more, but they all increase it. Therefore, with increased levels of DHT, you are likely to lose hair, especially if you’re genetically prone to get this condition.

Is quite obvious that bodybuilders would want to stop the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. They try to lower the levels of DHT in the body in order to preserve hair loss.

Finasteride for hair loss prevention has been found to be especially effective when an individual is running DHT derived anabolic steroids. As much as it was noticed, Finasteride is doing a great job in keeping the already existing hair. But is helping many men to help grow them even more hair!


Dosage of Finasteride For Hair and Possible Side Effects

Usually, Finasteride dosage is 1 mg per day (one tablet) for hair loss treatment or prevention. When it is offered as a prescription, the doctor determines the amount of time you should run it for. But when used by bodybuilders to preserve hair, usually they use 1 mg a day of Finasteride for the length of the anabolic steroid cycle Usually that’s 8-16 weeks.

We recommend using Finasteride with Minoxidil – an Over The Counter (OTC) medication.

But we do not recommend using Finasteride unless that’s absolutely necessary. That’s because approximately 8% of men are suffering from some sexual related issues.

Some report decreased sex drive, others may get erectile dysfunctions. Other men may suffer from an inability to reach orgasm and a combination of these issues. Taken into consideration DHT is a powerful sex hormone – is no wonder that sexual related issues are possible.

But there are other related issues too such as decreased muscular mass, psychological issues (no motivation; depression; and others), and others.

  • Some men don’t get any side effects at all. Others get mild ones that disappear as soon as Finasteride dosage stops. But others may get nasty side effects and/or long lasting ones.

That’s why Finasteride for hair loss may be great, but make sure you absolutely need it before running it.

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