Clomid For Men

Clomid is a very famous medicine all over the world for various purposes but this compound is mainly known as a medication for women. That’s because Clomid that has the active substance Clomiphene Citrate (and Clomid is sold as its active substance brand by Hilma Biocare) is known as an anti estrogen medication.

  • Anti estrogens are those drugs that are known to inhibit or lower the hormone called estrogen, and this is a hormone that is mostly known as the female hormone.

Clomiphene is blocking the hormone estrogen from interacting with the pituitary gland and that’s helpful for a man because is increasing luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). As a result, this would lead in increased testosterone and increased sperm production.

With this being said, Clomid can be helpful for men too, although is very often used by women.

Clomiphene Citrate is a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM) and is antagonist on some estrogen receptors and agonist on other estrogen receptors.

For example, it decreases the estrogen receptors on breast tissues, that’s why is given to women suffering from hormonally positive breast cancer. But in the same time, is given to women for fertility because is increasing estrogen to ovaries, helping a woman becoming pregnant.

As in terms of Clomid for men, the compound is having various purposes too. Except for the increase in sperm production and therefore is helpful for boosting fertility in men too, the compound is helpful for gynecomastia. Decreasing estrogen in breasts, men may treat or prevent gynecomastia, a condition that forms up swellings in breasts also known as “man’s breasts” which occurs, usually, due to high estrogen levels.

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Other than that, Clomid for men is sometimes prescribed off label for low testosterone levels, that’s because, as mentioned, Clomiphene would boost testosterone levels in men.

However, Clomid is also very widely used in bodybuilding settings too. The same reasons are maintained.

For example, Clomid for men in bodybuilding settings is usually used by anabolic steroid users during their aromatizable steroids administration cycles in order to control the estrogen levels. Since steroid users take some steroids that aromatize and convert into estrogen, they usually have high estrogen level issues. Men add Clomid in their cycles (there are other options available too) in order to deal with gynecomastia side effect.


Nonetheless, Clomid is not a very powerful estrogen inhibitor, at least not as helpful as other options available. That’s why, when women have breast cancer due to estrogen or men have gynecomastia, usually other options are taken in consideration because they are more potent and more likely to help.

  • However, Clomid is mostly used by men after they stop administering anabolic steroids. That’s because Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate), as mentioned, increases LH and FSH, therefore this increases testosterone. Why men in bodybuilding need it?

Well, those that use anabolic steroids are known to synthetically increase their testosterone levels, as a result, the body “thinks” too much testosterone is produced so it shuts down its own testosterone production naturally. When the steroid users stops administering steroids, the body requires a while until starts producing normal amounts of testosterone back again. It could take from months to weeks.

As a result, the user doesn’t have enough testosterone – no testosterone from steroids and no testosterone produced naturally.

Clomid is added after an anabolic steroid cycle as a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) medicine in order to artificially maintain high testosterone levels which help the body to recover back from the anabolic steroid cycle and maintain them high enough until the body starts producing testosterone on its own naturally.

Since Clomiphene boosts LH and FSH, the individual is getting their testosterone boosted and this won’t shut down the body from producing testosterone on its own, because it doesn’t increase testosterone itself, but LH and FSH.

Clomid for men in bodybuilding settings is mainly used as a PCT medicine because it barely helps for gynecomastia prevention or treatment, but Clomid for men is one of the best products out there for a proper PCT plan. An is extremely important for anyone considering the use of steroids, to have a good Post Cycle Therapy protocol. That’s why Clomid is so famous among men as well.

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