Side Effects Arimidex

Arimidex is the first, oldest and most popular brand name of the active substance Anastrozole. The reason why is important to mention this is because Anastrozole can be found as different brand names except for Arimidex (despite it being most popular and widely used one) and that’s why when we’re talking about side effects of Arimidex, we’re actually talking about side effects of the substance – Anastrozole.

Any other brand name with the same active substance is going to work the exact same name, that’s why side effects of Anastrozole are the same, regardless of whether it is sold as Arimidex or whatever other brand.


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In addition to that, taken in consideration you’re here reading this article, we can assume you’re interested in Arimidex side effects when used for bodybuilding purposes.

In case you’re searching for Anastrozole side effects whilst the compound was prescribed to you for any health condition by a doctor, we highly recommend talking about this with your doctor because he’s going to be best to help with these needs.

  • However, a doctor won’t prescribe and won’t help with side effects of Arimidex for the purpose of bodybuilding.

Arimidex Side Effects Risks

Good news is that side effects of Arimidex are almost nonexistent in bodybuilding settings. In breast cancer studies, there are reported various side effects of Anastrozole taken in consideration of various factors. This compound suppresses estrogen and women require way more estrogen than men to properly function. Inhibition of this hormone would offer worse side effects in women than in men.

In addition to that, studies done on women running it for breast cancer have shown that there’s some bone weakness associated with use of Arimidex, however, those women require the use of this compound for many years, compared to bodybuilders who require to use Anastrozole for only some weeks.

Taking into consideration that men do not need as much estrogen, they do not need as much dosage as women and they don’t need to run it for long periods – side effects Arimidex for bodybuilders is a rare phenomenon.


Nonetheless, is still important to remember that estrogen in bodybuilders should be maintained in normal range.

  • If using too much Anastrozole (Arimidex) is very possible for side effects to occur because this would kill your estrogen completely.
  • Not having enough estrogen, although seen primarily as a female hormone, a male also suffers from various different symptoms.

That’s why men should try to keep estrogen levels within range and not completely kill it.

Too Low Estrogen Side Effects

In case you use too high doses of Arimidex, this would kill your estrogen and when you don’t have enough estrogen in the body, the following side effects are possible to occur:

  • Libido issues
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Loss of energy
  • Weight gain
  • Loss of strength gains
  • Loss of muscle gains
  • Low estrogen level is associated with cholesterol issues
  • Depression and feeling moody

Most of the side effects associated with use of Anastrozole are related to low estrogen levels, that means that side effects are mostly seen when too much estrogen is suppressed and/ or for too long.


Other Side Effects Arimidex

Arimidex is also capable of offering other side effects. Again, mostly side effects are associated with too high doses, but people with natural low tolerance might get side effects too.

  • WARNING! There are chances of getting allergic reactions to this compound as with any other. The same allergic reactions are seen here too such as swelling of lips, tongue, throat; rash; irritations etc.

Some of the Anastrozole side effects that can be mentioned include: hot flashes, joint pain, nausea, diarrhea, altered mood, headaches, insomnia, back pain, vomiting and others.


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In the end, it is extremely important to remember that Arimidex (Anastrozole) is a very important product for a bodybuilder using aromatizable anabolic steroids. You are having way more chances to suffer from estrogen related issues by using steroids without adding Arimidex than suffering from side effects of Arimidex.

That’s why you can buy the best quality Arimidex for sale directly from and this way you make sure you get an actual real Anastrozole and you do not overpay for it. So whilst saving money you’re allowed to go through a very good cycle and stay away from high estrogen related issues.

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